Dr. Oz on Preventing Breast Cancer (Watch Video)

Do these three things to help prevent breast cancer (and other cancers as well)!

[Update: Research has also shown that Curcumin, the active ingredient in the common spice, Turmeric, has properties that also reduce the expression of these deadly molecules within cancer cells and can potentially slow the spread of breast cancer.  Story here.]

HE’S BEEN called “America’s Doctor” ever since Oprah routinely placed him in front of TV viewers of her show, and then went on to produce the Dr. Oz Show.

The man is a font of medical knowledge, and is committed to demystifying health so that we all can maintain it if we have it, or obtain it if we don’t.

I just saw a video of him being interviewed about breast cancer.  It was on Yahoo’s home page, so I thought that this must be a poignant topic, one people are interested in.  So for the benefit of my female readers, and the men that love them, here are Dr. Oz’s three things to do to prevent breast cancer, followed by a video clip of him saying the same thing.

Do These Three Things to Prevent Breast Cancer:

  1. If Overweight, Lose It. Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer because fat cells disrupt the normal hormone balance, particularly by increasing estrogen which can “turn on” cancer cells.
  2. Reduce Saturated Fat. Similar to the obesity issue cited above, too much saturated fat can irritate the hormonal system and can activate cancer cells.
  3. Eat Green Leafy Vegetables. These help your liver cleanse itself of toxins, many of which are thought to either cause or exacerbate cancer.

In the video (below), in addition to speaking to breast cancer prevention, Dr. Oz also encourages people to get colonoscopies.  He recently had a scare when a routine test done at the hallmark age (for colonoscopies) of 50 showed pre-cancerous polyps in his colon.  This is a man who is the epitome of health, so if it can happen to him, it could happen to you.  Fortunately for Dr. Oz, the test enabled the polyps to be removed before any harm was done.

Now to the video:

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