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Your Personalized Nutrition Courtesy of 100 Trillion Bacteria

You will soon be able to easily get your personalized nutrition plan designed for your very own uniqueness. No more “hit or miss”, “trials and tribulations” or confusion. Learn now what a brand new study about your microbiota and blood sugar reveals.

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How Not To Die – Dr. Greger’s Anatomy Lesson, Part 2

In Part 2 of How Not To Die — Dr. Greger’s Anatomy Lesson, we continue with the “food as medicine” theme, applied to eight more chronic and potentially debilitating health conditions. The aim is know what to do to prevent the common ills that beset us as we age. Read, watch, learn.

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Hey Gals — 8 Better Alternatives To The Libido Drug Addyi

So, your libido has waned a bit, but does that mean you need to take the new libido drug Addyi? Do yourself a favor and try these eight alternatives that may be much better, healthier and less expensive.

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