10 Ways to Live to 100

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HOW MANY people living today do you think are 100 years old or more?  How about 450,000?

That’s one guesstimate provided by The Centenarian.  What’s surely true is that this number is growing, and in the near future, reaching 100 will not be unusual.

There’s no shortage of articles about this, and since longevity is a keen interest of mine, I keep bumping into them. Along the way, I’ve taken some notes about what contributes to reaching the rarefied air of a centenarian.

Depending on who you ask, the role genetics plays in longevity lies between 20 to 50%, which leaves at least 50% up to us. So, with the 50% we have to mold and shape by our behavior, here are 10 ways to live to 100:

1. Eat more plant-based foods (veggies, fruits) than meats and grains (bread), unless they are fiber-rich. (Plant-food and fiber reduce the incidence of disease.)

2. Exercise five days per week. Each session should include elevating your heart rate for at least 20 minutes and stretching (yoga is great).  At least twice per week, the exercise should include resistance training (calisthenics like push-ups and pull-ups, or weight lifting).  Make it easy at first, or you’ll never start.  Note: the buddy system works great!

3. Get a hobby for that sense of accomplishment and joy.

4. Floss. Little known is the fact that bacteria that can build up in and under teeth can eventually have a systemic impact on the body, leading to stroke and heart attacks.

5. Schedule leisure time, including naps. A bit each day goes a long way, and vacations are mandatory.

6. Have sex.  Typically a pretty good way to release fee-good hormones, and burns about 200 calories as well.  Depending.

7. Keep working, at least a bit. Abrupt and complete retirement can increase the incidence of obesity and chronic disease.

8. Keep making friends (particularly with younger people). Social contact helps prevent depression and loneliness, and can help you learn new things.

9. Be an extrovert. Hate people?… go play with squirrels.

10. Keep up with technology. This will help keep you current with a key element of societal evolution and stimulate your brain.

Here’s an idea: Pat yourself on your back for each one of the above ten that you’re doing, and then choose three that you’ll make a habit within one month. Once those three are part of your repertoire, choose another three and so on.

See you in 2100!

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