Dr. Oz’s New Year’s Prescription: 3 “Revolution Resolutions”

Dr. Oz New Year's Resolutions

I ADMIT it — I’m a Dr. Oz fan.  I think the good doctor is genuine, knowledgeable, and is fighting the good fight to get Americans to learn about their bodies. 

Because let’s face it, most of us don’t know our triceps from our deltoids, or our liver from our kidneys.  Ask someone to touch his stomach, and he’ll place his hand over his belly.

If we don’t know much about our physical system, then how likely are we to feed and tend it properly?  This, it seems, is Dr. Oz’s passion – to get us to learn what we are (the physical self), by this process to learn who we are (the psychological self), and then to get going on fixing the bad and enhancing the good.

Given my predilection for Ozstuff, I noted his article in the Huffington Post today where he challenged readers to do three important things in the new year.  He chose these particular three things because he deems them to be essential for good health, both physical and emotional.

The Dr. Oz prescription for 2010:

1. More Sleep.

This is often under-appreciated.  Getting a full eight hours of sleep, and even napping, reduces stress, lets the brain reset and the body’s tissues repair.  Not to mention that getting sufficient sleep is a leading indicator for longevity.  To paraphrase Ozman: If you can’t manage to get more sleep, you need to ask yourself why your life is so out of control.

2. More Snacks.

Actually, Dr. Oz refers to this as “never let yourself feel hungry”, which is a better way of describing what he means than “More Snacks” (but the latter is more alliterative for this list).  The idea here is to not let yourself go so long between bites that you get hungry enough to grab whatever is handy, good or not.  Since about 60% of us should lose weight, this is a particularly  important resolution for the new year.

Are you too heavy?  Well, instead of checking with the scale, consider an alternate, more important indicator of health — your waist size. “Your waist must be half your height or roughly between 32.5 and 37 inches for a woman and between 35 and 40 inches for a man”, says The Oz

So, rather than aiming at three squares per day, and then if you miss one — like breakfast — you set yourself to gorge at the next meal, do this:


Yes, eat smaller meals and graze on healthy snacks in between them.  Things like nuts, apples, an avocado, and healthy food bars like Macro Greens Bars.

3. More Sex

The best for last?  Could be, but for some of us this one seems outside our control.  Could be that you need someone besides yourself to comply.  Numbers one and two can be done all by yourself.

Sure, I know… number three can be a solo act, too, but sex is included here not only because of the physical benefits of the act, but the mental/emotional ones as well.

Beyond the momentary pleasure, the health benefits are numerous, but perhaps the most simple way of looking at it is this: When you’re having regular, emotionally-bonding sex, everything in life seems to be at least a little bit better.  And in fact, regular sex is predictive of health, because the unhealthy are unlikely to so imbibe, sorta speak.

Next Week on the Dr. Oz Show

The Ozdoc feels these three “revolution resolutions” are so important that he is devoting the week of January 4 to the topic on his TV show.  You might want to tune in, or stay tuned to this site, as I’ll endeavor to write about what he talks about.

(Update: Here’s my follow-up post: Dr. Oz and the Reboot Diet.

In conclusion, here are a few things you may now wish to do:

  • Go read the details of Dr. Oz’s new year prescription here.
  • Put a piece of paper in front of you and stare at it until you can write up how you’re going to resolve to have more sleep, food and sex.
  • Get some more information about these three resolutions.  The one I can help you with is “more snacks” (remember that means “don’t go hungry”) by suggesting you read these:

My Approach to Health

A Blueprint for Eating Right

Good luck… and Happy New Year!!

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