18 Preparations for Hurricane Irene

Most anything can be handled if you’re prepared and even small hiccups in life can hurt if you’re not.  Food, water, shelter, clothes, medicine – it’s not rocket science.  Here are 18 preparations for hurricane Irene, or other calamities.

MAN, THE past several days are beginning to make the doomsdayers look brilliant.  First the Colorado earthquake – the first in generations; next the Virginia earthquake – the first in generations; and now Hurricane Irene is about to slam more eastern USA coastline than any previous hurricane.

As I write this, various east coast states have declared emergencies and New Jersey’s forthright governor declared “Get the hell off the beach.”

Check out live updates here.

These potentially calamitous events nestled so close together couldn’t emphasize more what I’ve been writing about on this blog about preparation.  Namely – get prepared.

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You might not be near a coast, or in earthquake prone areas (although remember that CO and VA aren’t considered to be normally seismically active), or where tornados live, or nuclear plants perch… but the odds are that wherever you are, you could benefit from taking some time, cultivating some effort and spending some money on being a whole lot less vulnerable than the average bear.

Consider these 18 suggestions:

  1. Store water in high quality plastic. If you can’t purify it when ready to use, put ¼ teaspoon of bleach in each gallon.
  2. Stock the pantry with non-perishable food and drink.  Spirulina and whey protein will keep your running for a long time.
  3. Get some extra gas and camping propane for a camping stove.
  4. Get your medicine cabinet stocked up.
  5. Make sure you have extra batteries for essential things that need them, like a radio to track events.
  6. Get light – flashlights, lanterns and the like
  7. Blankets, jackets, socks, rain gear.
  8. Cash… and if you’re really a preparer, some gold and silver coins.
  9. Documents like social security card, bank stuff, driver’s license need to be secured.
  10. Email yourself important documents.
  11. If in a dangerous area, get out of it.
  12. If you can’t or are unwilling to leave a dangerously placed home, board up windows and go the basement.
  13. Stay away from things that can fall and break.
  14. Tie down big stuff that can fall.
  15. Stay away from power lines, particularly out of puddles under power lines.
  16. Take pictures of important stuff that could be damaged for insurance purposes.
  17. Make a contact plan with friends and loved ones; meaning, know how to get in touch with them given various scenarios.
  18. Prepare your pets too.

Did I miss anything?  Surely, but you can just add it to the Comments section below.  Thanks!

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