The Colorado and Virginia Earthquakes Tell Us to Prepare

The Virginia and Colorado earthquakes remind us that we can all be blindsided by the unexpected, so why not get prepared for potential calamity, especially when the basics can be pretty straightforward to do.  Here’s some perspectives and resources…

WELL, UNLESS you’ve been isolated in the woods, like I nearly am right now, you know that we’ve had some unusual tremblers in the US of A these last two days. 

Today’s 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia, and felt all along the eastern seaboard, followed yesterday’s 5.3 Colorado temblor, the strongest there in a century.  Virginia’s was the strongest quake on the East Coast since 1886.

A relevant question would be, “What’s going on!”

We can begin with Dr. David Applegate of the U.S. Geological Survey who was interviewed on the PBS Newshour today, and said:

“… you know, this is a reminder that you can have earthquakes pretty much anywhere in the U.S. This is a national hazard… we have a moderate to high seismic risk in 39 out of the 50 states.

I underscore “moderate to high seismic risk in 39 out of 50 states.”  I’m good enough in math to know that this means that the great majority of states are earthquake prone, and given that one is California, most of America’s population could be affected by an earthquake.

(Not to mention drought (eh Texas), hurricanes, tornados and tsunamis.)

The good news about the Colorado and Virginia earthquakes is – although they were felt for many miles from the epicenters – they released nowhere near the amount of energy of March’s Japan or Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, and so the damage was mild.

According to Dr. Applegate, the Japan earthquake had 1,000 times more energy than that Haiti earthquake, and produced about 33,000 to 50,000 times more energy released than Virginia’s.  You can listen more about what he had to say and to the PBS Newshour’s story here (sorry, no longer available).

I wrote several posts during the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Of these, a few focused on being prepared for calamity, in part by storing the right medicines and foods that can help cleanse the body of various forms of radiation, not to mention simply filling up the belly should food get scarce.

Now, I return to this topic. I’d like to convince you that these last two earthquakes should be viewed as a wakeup call to get you and your family prepared.  How could it hurt to have a few weeks of food, water and medicine stored in case you need it?

I’m particularly reminded of being prepared because I’m now in WA state, in a community that focuses on self-sufficiency.  As I discussed the Colorado and Virginia earthquakes with a few friends within this community, I got this knowing look, a non-verbal statement that says, “Yes, we know, this is expected and we’re ready for it.”

One important thing to do is to determine how close you live to a nuclear energy facility.  Japan clearly demonstrated that a nuclear plant combined with an earthquake produces bad things; even if it’s not sitting next to an ocean.

So, please check out these posts for more information about preparedness:

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“10 Things to Learn from Japan” A Lesson for the World The calm, dignity, grace, order, self-sacrifice, ability, tenderness training, consciousness and media restraint so evident these past weeks in Japan as its people survive and rebuilt their society after the massive earthquake and tsunami presents a valuable lesson to the world.

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Japan’s Radiation Fallout – Protect Yourself! If you’re not familiar with potassium iodide, you need to be.  You may not live in Japan, but trust that most anywhere you live, there’s a chance for radiation to ruin your life.

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