Allergies: Are There Simple Solutions?

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Allergies Impact Body Systems

A Four-Year Old Shows The Way

YOU PROBABLY know at least one person who suffers from allergies.  I certainly have friends who do, but I don’t, so I have no direct experience with supplements or drugs to alleviate allergy symptoms.

Nonetheless, because so many people have allergies, I want to present some options for helping reduce this annoying, sometimes debilitating health problem.

The first thing to consider is the Neti Pot.

This I do have experience with because I grab my Neti Pot any time I feel the sniffles approach — using the Pot knocks it out for me.

The Neti Pot naturally removes excess mucus, pollen, dust, and other environmental irritants from the sinus passages. You put pure lukewarm water with a tiny amount of salt in the pot, hold one nostril, place the tip of the pot in the other nostril, tip your head and the magic of gravity draws the water through the sinus cavity, potentially taking with it much of the stuff that instigates the allergies.

It’s so easy, a four-year old can do it, and does in this video:


I know it looks gross, but no more so than picking your nose, and we’ve all done that… plus, the Neti Pot could be very helpful in reducing allergies — without drugs!


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