Your Brain on the Cell Phone — Watch Dr. Mercola

News about potential harmful effects of cell phones on your health is in the airwaves and print lately due to a new study.  Read about it, what Dr. Mercola’s views are, and simple precautions you can take.

REMEMBER THAT old commercial that shows an egg frying on a griddle and the voice over says, “This is your brain on drugs”?

Well, led by Dr. Nora D. Volkow, researchers from the National Institutes of Health have found that 50 minutes of cell phone use does effect the brain.

Brain scans demonstrated increased glucose metabolism happening in the area closest to the cell phone antenna, as the image above shows.

The vital question is – “Does this basically prove that cell phone use is dangerous”?

There have been several cell phone studies aimed at determining if using a cell phone is deleterious to your health.  The results have been equivocal.  Perhaps what’s different about this study is that is proves that something is happening in the brain due to cell phone use.  There’s no denying that something is going on… you can see it (note the pictures above and below).

Again, what’s important to know is whether this brain response effect is harmful.

Personally, I’m not waiting to amend my cell phone behavior until the science is conclusive.  It’s very easy to substantially reduce, or eliminate the brain’s reaction to cell phone use by doing one of three simple actions:

  1. Use the cell phone’s speaker phone option.
  2. Use an ear plug… but… if you really want to err on the side of health, don’t use one that has its own power source; rather one that is simply a conduit of the sound emanating from the cell phone.  (See below.)
  3. Keep the cell phone away from your body as much as possible, particularly away from your reproductive parts.

Long term health problems are the ones that are most devastating to ourselves and to society at large.  They tend to happen because there’s something in human nature that ignores problems that are not banging on your head right now.  So, we blithely go about our days eating anything, sitting on the couch, drinking soda/alcohol  etc., largely without worry about the future.

Same with cell phones.  If it does wind up creating some cancer or some other major debilitation, we won’t know it for many years.  Don’t make the bet that it won’t prove to be harmful, or won’t happen to you.

My sister just bought one of those Blue Tube cell phone headsets recommended by Dr. Mercola. Watch what he has to say about the potential dangers of cell phones (below), and use the link (below the video) to check out the Blue Tube headset.

Amazon has a variety of Blue Tube cell phone headsets for you to evaluate.

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