Dr. Oz Tackles the hCG Diet

Dr. Oz jumps into the hCG diet controversy.  Is it a sham or an effective, healthy way to lose weight?  Read what Oz says, watch what sis says, and (perhaps) remain confounded.

DID YOU see the Dr. Oz show about hCG yesterday?  I thought it was high time that the good doctor weighed in on hCG because this diet has taken the nation by storm, and it’s very controversial.

(Read the Oz details here.)

Controversial because on this diet, you take a hormone, hCG (often injected) and subsist on 500 calories a day.  The idea is that the calories “burned up” by the hCG combine with the 500 dietary calories to provide the body enough total calories to sustain life.

I know a fair amount about hCG.  I’ve read a lot about it and also observed my mother losing 50 lbs and sister, 24 lbs on the diet.  Mom loved it, though it seems like her hair got thinner, a potential side effect.  My sister did one round and stopped cause it made her lethargic and feel basically unwell.

(Sis is on video talking about it here: My Sister Loses One Pound/Day on hCG — Watch.)

Here’s a few observations on this hCG diet topic:

Either by being more vocal or more prevalent, more hCG dieters seem to lose weight then those who try this diet and don’t.  This confused Dr. Oz because there’s no scientific, tested reason for the hCG diet to actually work.  All the studies indicate that hCG dieters lose the same amount of weight as those that get a placebo, but think it’s hCG.  The conclusion The Oz voiced was: if you do it, use the inject-able form and do it under a doctor’s supervision.

(Good to point out here that I’ve read that only the inject-able form can work because the hCG molecule is larger than those under the tongue so it can’t pass them when taken orally; rather, it must be injected.  Don’t know if this is true.)

Why needles and doctors? Because the hCG that’s purchased via a doctor and delivered via needles is pharmaceutical grade and has the prescribed does of hCG, so says Oz.  (He didn’t mention the big molecule thesis mentioned above.)

The sub-lingual and homeopathic remedies that are prevalent online may not have unadulterated hCH; in fact, by definition, the homeopathic type will only have trace amounts of the stuff – perhaps just a few molecules.

And yet many homeopathic hCG users lose weight at the same rate as the needle people, about one pound per day for males and a bit less for women.  This result underscores the research that says placebos work just as well.

For a pretty thorough run down about the hCG diet, watch my sister explain it, and then do your homework, ask your doctor, and be careful.

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