High Cholesterol? Do Something!

KNOCK WOOD… despite my prodigious egg consumption (if eight per week is such), I don’t have a cholesterol problem.  Sure, the quality of my diet helps, but for some dangerously high cholesterol levels occur irrespective of diet. People with a cholesterol problem need to do something to get to “good” levels.

The quick and common way to reduce cholesterol is to take prescription drugs.  Maybe that’s the best way for you too, but if you have a cholesterol problem, get your doctor’s clearance before considering natural supplements that may support healthy cholesterol levels.

Among them is:

Red Yeast Rice (600mg, 60 Vcaps)

Red Yeast Rice A doctor of a good friend of mine prescribed it, because his cholesterol problem is too slight to warrant pharmaceutical drugs, and Red Yeast Rice is thought to be helpful.  However, some research indicates that this supplement is no longer made with more than trace amounts of cholesterol lowering substances due to FDA intervention, which you can read about here.

WebMD has a good and quick review of supplements that may or may not help with cholesterol.  Read the review here.

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Supplement Disclaimer

Just as with the descriptive statements made at the various company sites that manufacture and/or sell the supplement products presented in this blog, none, or nearly none, of the potential benefits stated here have been evaluated by the FDA. Likewise none, or nearly none, of the products here can be represented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before engaging a supplement program, it always makes sense to get the advice of your health practitioner.

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