Ubiquitous Colds, Flu and Sinus Infections

Supplements reviewed here: Host Defense,  and Olive Leaf Extract Extract.

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A Strong Immune Systems is Key

MY GUESS is that there are more vitamin supplements directed at colds and flu than any other ailment.  Makes sense, because, unfortunately, the majority of us experience this ubiquitous type of sickness at least once a year.  Health officials tell us that a strong immune system can help prevent colds and flu, so supplements focus on supporting and improving immune system function.

And sinus infections are de rigueur.

Everything as banal as Vitamin C to the exotic Guaifenesin is thought to improve the immune system.  I regularly take many supplements designed to improve and safe keep my immune system, including any one of three excellent multivitamin/mineral products you can read about here. That said, if I’m feeling like a cold is knocking at my door, someone in my space is sick, or I’m about to embark on air travel, I load up on the immune support supplements, such as Host Defense and Olive Leaf Extract.

Host Defense by New Chapter (60 Vcaps)Host Defense by New Chapter This propriety and potent mushroom-based formula from the excellent company, New Chapter, works great!  When I become concerned that I may be vulnerable to catching a cold or flu, I load up on Host Defense.

Olive Leaf Extract (15% Oleuropein) (60 medium veggie capsules)Olive Leaf Extract Like many of the supplements presented on this site, this one has multiple benefits.  Among them is a compound called oleuropein which can help the body battle viruses, bacteria, and fungi, supporting healthy cell replacement.  Like with Host Defense, I take this when I may need it, not on a regular basis.

And don’t forget to evaluate the often overlooked but effective Neti Pot.


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Supplement Disclaimer

Just as with the descriptive statements made at the various company sites that manufacture and/or sell the supplement products presented in this blog, none, or nearly none, of the potential benefits stated here have been evaluated by the FDA. Likewise none, or nearly none, of the products here can be represented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before engaging a supplement program, it always makes sense to get the advice of your health practitioner.

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