Your Fall Detox Cleanse in 5 Simple Steps

Autumn is coming, the leaves will be turning brown and so it is that it’s time for your Fall Detox Cleanse. Here it is in five easy steps.

 Your Fall Detox Cleanse in 5 StepsIT’S SATURDAY late afternoon here in breezy Sausalito, California and I have yet to write my weekly blog post, which (hopefully) this will shape up to be.

Given that I have to “publish” this tonight so it can be emailed to my millions upon millions of eager subscribers tomorrow, I feel “under the gun”.

The good news is that I know this week’s topic.  It was triggered by the music drifting up the hill to my little oasis.

Thought sequence:

  • Ahh, music. It sounds good.
  • Oh, yeah, it’s coming from the Sausalito Art Festival.
  • That means this is Labor Day Weekend.
  • That means a new season is upon us.
  • That means it’s time to be thinking about a detox cleanse.

And that, dear reader, is the topic of this week’s post: Your Fall Detox Cleanse In 5 Steps.

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

  • Quickly, why detoxification is worthwhile
  • My first detox cleanse experience
  • Your 5-step easy peasy Fall detox cleanse

Frequent readers of these numerous “pages” know that I’m a big believer in detox cleansing.  Yes, I acknowledge that some smart people with many more letters behind their names than mine disparage cleansing.  They contend that our organs of elimination (colon, kidneys, liver, skin, etc.) do a fine job of eliminating all the nasty stuff that doesn’t belong in our bodies, so why not leave good enough alone.

Fortunately for we true detox believers there’s a counterpoint argument offered by some smart people with the same many letters behind their names. These fine people contend that, yes, once upon a time our bodies would be sufficiently self-cleansing because of basically two things:

  1. Back in the day, we ate real food, drank pure water and breathed clean air bereft of additives, toxins, pesticides, preservatives, parasites, heavy metals and the endocrine disruptors that feminize men.
  2. Most people didn’t live long enough for the nasty stuff to accumulate and thereby impair health.

An Environmental Working Group report, tells us that toxic chemicals first get introduced into a person’s body while still in the womb.

The report said this:

Tests revealed a total of 287 chemicals in the group. The umbilical cord blood… harbored pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage. Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

The dangers of pre- or post-natal exposure to this complex mixture of carcinogens, developmental toxins and neurotoxins have never been studied.

Call me silly, but I want as much of that stuff outta my body as I can manage.


My First Detox Cleanse

My introduction to detox cleansing happened back in the mid 1980s. A Naturopath named Mick Hall turned me on to it, and I went full immersion, but got there step by step.

Given his guidance, I did it the smart way:

  • The first week was all about preparation for the detox cleanse to come. I cleaned up my diet, mostly by avoiding alcohol, deserts and coffee, and by adding in more and more vegetables and salads.
  • The second week I dropped one meal, the rest being fruits and vegetables, steamed, raw or juiced.  In place of the absent meal, I ingested various potions, some of which were ingested throughout the day.
  • The third week, the second meal was dropped, and the supplements ingested increased.
  • The fourth week, the third and final meal was dropped, and the supplements increased.
  • The fifth week was mostly a lemon water/tea fast, along with some psyllium husk powder/bentonite clay drinks to provide some tiny semblance of fullness and to absorb and eliminate toxins.
  • Throughout these five week, I’d take a detox bath several nights each week.

I say this was the “smart way” because I didn’t jump from a meat-and-potatoes dinner to fasting the next day. Instead, I prepared my body slowly and gradually.

Believe it or not, by time the fifth week rolled around and I was able to fast without duress.

Although I did dream of Twinkies.  😉

So, now that you know I how I first started detox cleansing, forget about it!

If you’re a cleaning toddler, don’t let your first two-wheel ride be a motorcycle.  Let’s begin with one of those bike-thingies that you throw a leg over and propel with your feet.


Begin your cleansing experience like a toddler on his or her first bike

Yeah, like this!


We’re looking for a detox cleanse that’s pretty simple.

The goal is to do it, not to fashion something that will, on paper, make you squeaky clean inside, but, in reality, you never do because it’s too hard!


The Five Steps for Your Simple Fall Detox Cleanse

These six steps assumes that you will:

  • Use herbal supplements to help evacuate the nasty stuff and help rejuvenate your organs of elimination;
  • Eat, but only fruits and veggies — steamed, raw and/or juiced; and
  • Take detox baths.

OK, here we go…

1. Do your logistics

Decide on when, how long, what you’re willing to give up (if not the coffee, certainly the cream and sugar), and buy the stuff you’ll need — the supplements listed below and all the pure water, fruits and veggies you be eating.

2. Select your supplements

For herbal supplements choose Natura Colonix or Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse, both reviewed here.

The Colonix product comes in three parts: Dr. Natura Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program

  • Colonix Intestinal Cleanser is a fiber supplement that cleanses the colon of accumulated toxic build-up and prevents the formation of new build-up through the use of herbal dietary fiber.
  • Paranil Anti-Parasite Support consists of 18 herbs that help to cut harmful parasites, including intestinal worms and their eggs from the colon and other parts of the body.
  • KleriTea for Regularity and Detoxification is a laxative tea designed to loosen the bowels while assisting in the detoxification process and thereby helping to restore normal bowel function and promote regularity.

The Nature’s Secret product is one I’ve used a lot, mostly for maintenance, because all you do is swallow herb tablets. It comes in two parts:

  • Multi-Herb consists of 29 herbs to help your body release toxins from all vital organs and body systems. Natures Secret Ultimate CleanseThere are herbs for the liver (dandelion root), the lymph system (echinacea angustifolia root extract), to soothe the intestines (slippery elm bark) and many more.
  • Multi-Fiber is designed to facilitate the removal of toxins and enhance proper bowel movements. It combines 20 ingredients, including 13 sources of fiber, 5 complementary herbs, chlorella and acidophilus in a synergistic formula that supports the body’s own natural detoxification processes, helping to promote two to three (the maximum objective) bowel movements per day.

You take one of two different herb combination tablets in the morning and evening.  The dosage is increased as needed.

 3. Select your cleansing buddy

Yes, indeed, you’re going to need a collaborator, a partner-in-crime, someone to hold you accountable, share your misery with, etc.

I’ve written a lot about the buddy system, and the bottom line is that when you do something new, compliance is higher if it’s done with a buddy.

Go find someone to do this cleanse with!

4. Do the cleanse

You and your buddy have the supplies at hand, and the day has come to begin your detox cleanse.

Just do this:

  • Wake up, drink some warm lemon water, and eat fruit and drink water and herbal tea till noon.
  • In the afternoon till bedtime, eat veggies (steamed, raw or juiced), drink water and herbal tea.
  • Take the supplements per directions.


Here’s a breakfast example:

Here’s a dinner example:

These videos are of two meals prepared during a detox cleanse I did with my buddy, Steve.  This one is referred to as the Chinese Cleanse, which you can read about at the bottom of this post.  It will also provide you a list of vegetables and fruits to consume during your cleanse.

 5. Take detox baths

Jump in a bath filled with detoxifying stuff every night if you can. The skin is one of our body’s largest organs, and our bodies use it for detoxification.

The Detox Bath is both relaxing and will be helpful in drawing out toxins and helping to manage potential headaches from what’s referred to as the “detox effect”. (Read about it here and here.)

Here’s the step-by-step process of taking a Detox Bath:

  • 1. Fill up a tub with hot water.
  • 2. If you have a window in the bathroom, crack it a bit.
  • 3. Pour 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of sea salt and 1 heaping tablespoon of ginger powder* into the tub.
  • 4. Fetch a big glass of purified water (over 8 oz if available) and mix in Trace Minerals if you have them (if not, no worries).
  • 5. Grab your loofah (skin brush sponge-thingie).
  • 6. Take between 250 and 500 milligrams of regular Niacin** and wait for the flush.***
  • 7. Swirl around the water mixture… add more hot water if needed.
  • 8. Get in the tub.
  • 9. Soak a bit and then scrub yourself from head to toe with the loofah (no soap).
  • 10. Rest and repeat the scrubbing three times… stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes.
  • 11. Take a shower and scrub head to toe with soap and the loofah, rinse and shine.

* Be careful with the ginger powder as it can “burn” if too much is used, particularly in sensitive areas of the body. I suggest you start with 1 tablespoon and add when ready. If the amount you use does not produce some heat (other than temperature) in the tub, add more.

** Niacin comes in two forms (that I know about): the stuff that allows the capillaries in your skin to be flushed with blood (which can feel uncomfortable, like a sunburn), or non-flush. You want the flush kind, such as Solgar Niacin. Be careful with the amount, because the flushing can be uncomfortable (although the detox bath alleviates this quite a bit). 250 milligrams may be too much on an empty stomach. I use 500 milligrams, but I’m accustomed to this craziness.

*** Have I said enough about “flushing”? If you don’t like the feeling of being sunburned, be careful with the amount of Niacin you take (see above). Same thing with the ginger powder (see above).

Well, folks, that’s it. You now are armed to do your Fall detox cleanse.

If you haven’t done this sorta thing before, you may be surprised by how attached you are to certain foods and drinks.  Self knowledge is a good thing.  It’s helpful to learn what “owns you”.

There is plenty of more info about detox cleansing on this site, so if you still have an appetite, just look for “detox” under Categories in the sidebar.

Oh, if you have questions, I may have answers, so fire away in the Comments section below.

Ciao for now.


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