Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead — The Reboot Plan

Joe Cross and his sidekick, Phil, lost between them over 300 pounds on their Reboot Diet consisting of fresh vegetable and fruit juice.  I do the juice thing, and there’s nothing like it!  It’s invigorating, healthy and curbs one’s appetite.  Get inspired by reading about Joe and Phil, and watching their documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. [Link to the trailer at bottom.]

[UPDATE: Enjoy this post, and then check out my juicing recipe and juicers: My Kick-Ass Rebooter Juice Habit and Juicing for Beginners (watch my six year old).]

THE OTHER night I was in front of my sister’s TV scanning for Netflix movie downloads.  In my humble opinion, most of the download offerings aren’t interesting, so I decided to check out the documentaries.

If I couldn’t be entertained, why not get educated.

What grabbed my eye was Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a documentary by and largely about an amicable, (no longer) fat and (no longer) sick Australian named Joe Cross.

I clicked the image, and the download Gods of the Interwebs promptly presented me Joe’s magnus opus. Soon, I got pulled into a sweet and moving story that to date has helped make well some pretty unhealthy people healthy (and thinner!) via the Reboot Diet.


The Story

Although Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead begins with Joe’s story and his unshakable determination to solve his physical issues via a 60 day juice cleanse, there is an important detour that, nonetheless, underscores the value of Joe’s approach and adds another wonderful success story to the film.

And that would be in the personage of “Phil”, a trucker who Joe bumps into along his journey who himself is fat (over 400 pounds), sick and nearly dead.  Joe makes Phil his project, and Phil gives back by sticking to the program and adding a lot of humility and pure sweetness to the story.  Moreover, Phil proves that even a grossly obese person with entrenched negative eating habits can completely revitalize himself.

Phil has lost over 200 pounds.  Joe, a smaller person, has lost somewhere more than 70 but less than 100 pounds
, if memory serves.

They, and the hundreds of others who have since this documentary was released, did this by doing fruit and vegetable juice fasting. This means you drink freshly made juice produced by organic fruit and vegetables by a juicer and you ingest only this for however long you’re willing to do so.

Sixty days for Joe and Phil.

[Interested in a chemical/heavy metal detox? Check out The Ultimate Chemical, Heavy Metal Detox endorsed by Dr. Mercola.]


My 2 Cents

Co-juicer in-arms, Isabella, who you can see in action here: Juicing So Simple, A Child Can Do It.


I have some experience with juicing.  I’ve done juice fasts and regularly drink a mostly-vegetable juice juiced up by my high powered Breville juicer every morning. (Scroll to the bottom to see it.)

Please take note of a few things:

1. The first thing to do is simply add freshly made vegetable/fruit juices to your diet.  Unless you’re a committed, disciplined type, don’t amend your current diet, just add the juice.  As the days go by, drink more and more of it, until you find yourself eating less and less of everything else.

2. If you’re a meat and potatoes type, don’t jump into a juice fast straight away. (See #1 above.)  Instead, start adding fruits and vegetables to your diet. Next replace meat and potato type meals with fruit, vegetables, quinoa and red lentils. Once all that’s accomplished, then try the juice fast.

Yes, perhaps like Joe and Phil, you could persevere through the inevitable detox headaches produced by a cold turkey plunge into the juice fast, but without the cameras following you around to steady your resolve, you might just fold and abandon the fast, and never return to the wonders of juicing.  Ease into this. If you could use a guide to move to a healthy diet, read my Diet 101.)

[Beware of the “Detox Effect” which I describe in the Reboot Diet and the Detox Effect . Also, read about the two commons struggles on the Reboot Cleanse]

3. Buy a really good juicer.  If it’s not easy to do the juicing, it will become the excuse to quit.  Mine is the top of the line Breville which I bought at a really good price at Amazon.com.

(See below, and if you’re price sensitive, know that there are cheaper Breville models, as well as reconditioned ones at Amazon.com)

4. Read the FAQs at the Reboot site and go here for tips on how to plan your life reboot with a juice cleanse.

I leave you with one more Reboot story.

This one is from TV’s Dr. Oz, who has his own Reboot diet that I wrote about last year: Dr Oz and the 14-Day Reboot Diet Plan. In contrast to the juice-based Reboot Your Life plan – the subject of this post – Dr. Oz’s Reboot Diet Plan is a 14-day program that focuses on the types of food and behavior that make us fat, and what to do about it from a doctors point of view.  Check it out at the above link.

Whichever reboot you do, do do (ha!) something to reboot your life.  You’ll thank yourself profusely.  Oh, if you need a kick in the pants, just watch the documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

The trailer to the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary is here.

Here’s the Breville Juicer that Joe Cross and I use. Click the image and learn more about it at Amazon.com, and there you can decide if it’s the juicer for you.

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