Watch Furious Pete Debunk “Before” and “After” Muscle Photos

Ever wonder if those “before” and “after” muscle photos are real?  Could be, but Furious Pete’s now viral, famous video, we’re shown one gimmick to make the same body look both fat and buff just five hours apart.  Watch midway down.

Furious Pete Debunks "Before" and "After" Photos

FURIOUS PETE is going viral!!

As I write this, his youtube video (below) has now been viewed more than 3,400,000 times.


Well it’s not because of his eating heroics, as Furious Pete is a record holder for various eat-a-lot eating contests. Rather, the reason this particular video of his has gone viral is because it exposes something about which we are all familiar and have wondered about:

“Are those before and after pictures real?”

You know those commercials.  Eat this, or do this, supplement with this and in x months you’ll go from looking like this (fat) to looking like this (buff).

We watch, perhaps mouth agape, and wonder if it’s possible.

What Furious Pete has done is to show how it’s possible to actually present yourself before the camera in both the “fat” and “buff” mode within five hours of each other (“before” and “after”), without having taking or doing anything a marketer could sell.

But what Mr. Pete does do has to do with doing something.  In fact, a rather specific set of something.

Take the After Photo First

Furious Pete first takes the “after” picture.  Before this picture is taken, he goes to the gym and pumps up his body via weightlifting.

He gets a tan.  He lifts more.  He sprays oil on his body.  He manipulates some lightening.  Takes the picture.  Does just a little photoshop tweaking and… viola… a buff Furious Pete in the “after” photo.

Take the Before Photo After

Next, this man who knows how to eat, eats.  He eats foods with high sugar, salt and fat content to bloat his body, particularly his stomach.  When you watch this, you might cringe as you recognize some of the food you regularly eat.

(“Martha, I just can’t figure why my belly is so bloated.”)

Without the help of engorged muscles, good lightening and that wee bit of photoshop, Furious Pete’s “before” body looks like, well, a very different body – certainly not one that is five hours behind the buff version.

This video will demonstrate the tale:



Although I was surprised by how Furious Pete was able to do this, it quickly dawned on me that people like Tim Ferris have long demonstrated how malleable the body is; how quickly influenced it can be by the things we do these often overused and overwhelmed physical units in which we have our earthly experiences.

Tim Ferris, in fact, has written a book that deals quite a bit with this concept, the idea of “hacking” your body.  In the book, The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman, Ferris shows several examples of how quickly the body can respond to various inputs, such as food, supplements and exercise.  His overarching aim is to present the most efficient pathways to have the particular result sought.

And so in the end, I’m no longer surprised by what Furious Pete was able to do.  The body is a malleable thing.

[Furious Pete’s web site is here.]


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