Stumped for Gift Ideas? Here’s 11 from $12

NO ONE that I know gets through the gift-giving season of Christmas and Hanukkah without scratching their heads from time to time trying to come up with something worthwhile.  This certainly includes me.

So, I’ve been paying attention to what’s interesting and innovative in giftland out there and have collected a few ideas to share with you.  From coffee to computerized pens, here are 11 gift ideas just in the nick of time.

Fair Trade Coffee:  $12/lb

Picture of a cup of fair-trade coffee beans

The True Aroma of Fair-Trade Coffee

Since nearly everyone you know drinks coffee, this selection has a probability of being appreciated, used, or re-gifted.  Through the Community Agroecology Network, you can send fair trade coffee in a finely dressed package directly to someone’s front door and feel good about it. CAN ensures that this coffee is organically grown and that a fair price is paid.

Solar Style Charger: $13.50.

Picture of a mini portable solar cell

Solar Charger on the Go

It’s compact, lightweight, and extremely affordable, not to mention that the solar charger from Solar Style can power many brands of cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players.  An AC wall charger and car charger are included as well.

USB EcoStrip: $39.95.

A drawing of a smart power strip with various devices connected to it.

Eco Power Strip

Save as much as a surprising $150/year with the USB EcoStrip 2.0. What’s trick about this powerstrip is, while it may look and functions like a basic power strip, it can turn off when the connected computer goes to sleep and save energy. The power strip is designed to connect to a computer through a USB cable; when the computer goes to sleep, all the outlets on the strip turn off. The strip will turn on again when the computer restarts.

New Balance Eco Sneaker: $80.

Picture of a blue New Balance sneaker made with recyclable materials

Powered by Rice Husk

New Balance’s 070 is the company’s first eco-friendly shoe. In this instance, “eco-friendly” means the shoe was designed to minimize waste in its production process, while fully utilizing recycled materials. Rice husks are used to make the outsole, thus reducing rubber waste. Available in men’s and women’s styles, with different widths.

Planet Earth DVD Collection: $30.49.

Picture of the DVD set, Planet Earth

Planet Earth DVD Set

Often touted as the greatest and most expensive nature documentary ever made, Planet Earth captivated me when I watched it, with stunning footage and insightful commentary about the world’s various wildlife habitats/geographic regions, from the poles to the deep ocean. Filmed on all seven continents in over 200 locations, with state-of-the-art technology, the DVD set features 11 episodes about the different regions, in addition to three episodes about the future of the planet. You can see the world without separating yourself from the couch.

The Bean Cranko Light (my name): $19.

Picture of a manuel crank blue flashlight

Crank for Light

One minute of cranking will keep the flashlight lit for 25 minutes. Who couldn’t use a flashlight with that capability, especially one that’s waterproof?  Seriously, if you’re like me, you’ve spent way too many minutes of frustrated time seeking new batteries to replace the dead ones in you flashlight, and then wondered where to recycle them.  Better to spend that time cranking — build those wrist muscles.

The Amazing Handpresso: $100.

Picture of a hand-held, portable espresso maker

Espresso a Go-Go

Want your espresso when and wherever the impulse strikes? Make delicious, premium express espresso with this portable espresso maker. The Handpresso will brew up a shot of java with just water and coffee pods.)

The Smartpen: From $169.

Picture of a hand holding a smartpen.

Smartpen Saves What You Write

As the name suggests, this is a very, very smart pen. It’s equipped with a voice recorder that can take notes, and then synchronize the recording with what was written. Then the recordings can be

uploaded to your computer for future use. The Smartpen now has its own app store enabling you to download third party applications that augment the pen’s usability in numerous useful and creative ways.

Flim Camcorder: From $150.

Pictures of several multi-colored Flip camcorders

Flip: A Camcorder with Attitude

The Flip Video Camcorders, available in a range of sizes, colors, and models, are the most user-friendly HD video recorders out there. I have one and use it quite a bit.  In fact, I’ve shot quite a bit of video with the Flip that’s supposed to make it’s way to this blog some day.  The Flip camcorders are hand-held, smaller than many photo cameras, and boast a quick startup, 8 gigs of memory for 120 minutes of HD video, and easy plug-and-play USB connection.

CharityChoice Donation Gift Cards: $As much as you want.

Logo of Charity Choice, a charity giving web site

Make a Charity Choice

From their site: “This makes a wonderful gift because the gift-recipient gets to give the funds to a cause that is close to their heart. Your gift entitles the recipient to select the charities.”  Sounds good.

Macro Greens™ Bars - Chocolate Cinnamon Flavor (1Box, 12 Bars)

Macro Greens Food Bar

Macro Greens Food Bars – Chocolate Cinnamon Flavor
(1Box, 12 Bars):$28.49.

This is one of my favorite food bars. It tastes great and is a healthy snack that should always be near so that you eat it, rather than garbage. Greens™ Bars is derived from fresh, raw, certified organic, vegan, whole food ingredients that do not contain preservatives, or artificial flavors/ingredients. As an additional bonus, these food bars are gluten free and are full of probiotics. Note: As with all ProHealth products on this site, I receive a percentage of sales made from this site.

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