Why More American’s Are Getting Blurry Vision

Could it be that too many people are reading this blog!?

Blury Eyes

THIS JUST out by the National Eye Institute: Near-sightedness, or myopia, has increased 66% since the 70’s — from 25% to 41% this decade. That increase adds between 40 to 50 million people to the myopia roll, at an annual cost of $2 to $3 billion!

Why is this happening?

It’s not rocket science.  We simply spend much more time using our eyes to view things that are very close, rather than far away.  More than ever before, we’re inside, not outside, creatures.

TV, computers and texting is thought to be causing this myopia. (It’s certainly not newspaper reading!) Texting, in particular, has become a reflexive, constant activity among young people, and it’s negatively affecting their eyes at a vulnerable period for their eye development.

What to do?

Create more balance:

1. Get outside. (Overweight kids get a twofer here.)

2. Take a walk and look faraway in that dreamy way.

3. Or look up from your computer/smart phone screen every few minutes and do that faraway thing in #2.

4. Pick up the phone rather than text all the time, and then do that #2 thing again.

George Stephanopoulos of Clinton Administration and Good Morning America fame reports about this in the video clip. I’m unable to embed the ABC video, so go take a look here.

Also, you may want to get some vitamin supplement support for your eyes, which you can examine here.

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