How Safe is your Tap Water?

Cartoon of a man at a faucet perplexed by his glass of dirty tap water

YESTERDAY, I posted this article that I hope presented an unassailable argument for recycling that plastic water bottle once and for all; meaning, none will ever be bought again!

(If your mind leaps up in protest, read the article and see if you’re willing to reconsider.)

Following up on yesterday’s post, I want to alert you to an article posted today by Lori Bongiorno from the Conscious Consumer. It’s Part 2 of her review of cities with the best and worst tap water.

The fact that there are cities with dirty tap water is well known and accepted (the fact, not the condition). But plastic water bottles are not the solution.

Tap Water is Better than Bottled

Please do not presume that if your city is on the dirty tap water list, you must go purchase six cases of plastic bottle water.

Just the opposite! Instead of the environmentally dangerous, health threatening and pocket-emptying plastic water bottles, please consider buying a water filter. Filter the tap water. Then pour it into a safe, reusable, non-plastic container.

As I said above, I spell out the argument here.

Is your city on the list?

Anyway, here’s the list… check it out and then click over to Ms. Bongiorno’s articles for the scoop.

Cities with the best water:

  1. Arlington, TX
  2. Providence, RI
  3. Fort Worth, TX
  4. Charleston, SC
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Honolulu, HI
  7. Austin, TX
  8. Fairfax County, VA
  9. St. Louis, MO
  10. Minneapolis, MN

Cities with the worst water:

  1. Pensacola, FL
  2. Riverside, CA
  3. Las Vegas, NV
  4. Riverside County, CA
  5. Reno, NV
  6. Houston, TX
  7. Omaha, NE
  8. North Las Vegas, NV
  9. San Diego, CA
  10. Jacksonville, FL

Relieved that your city is not on the “worst water” list? Great, but if you know people who are, let them know by forwarding this post.

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