Plastic Water Has Gotta Go, for Your Sake! (Video)

Let’s take the plastic out of bottled water!

Aluminum Sigg water bottle that says: "I am not plastic"

[Update:  Spot-on post by “the Frugal Girl” about the craziness of our romance with bottled water called, Some bottled water thoughts (and maybe some rants)) that you can read here.] [Update: There are some great plastic water bottle alternatives here and here.]


PEOPLE ARE starting to wake up and taste the tap water, and say that it is good. And then turn to the water that is plastic bottled and say: “Be gone ye impostor of the pure.”

Not that tap water is particularly pure (and, in fact, is decidedly impure in many municipalities in the USA and the world at large).  But, the drift here is that bottled water is far worse, particularly when you look at the whole picture.  Like when you weigh in the costs to your pocket book, health and the environment…

Drinking plastic bottled water is absolutely crazy.

Want to carry water around?  Put it in a non-plastic container.  But first, think about running the tap water through a filter, just to make sure that it’s pure.

woman with a canteen hung around her shoulders

Water, Carried the Old Fashion Way

If you do, you’ll be joining a growing number of people and organizations that have already had their head examined and have purged their homes, offices and cars of plastic bottled water.

Over the past few years, at least 60 cities in the United States and a handful of others in Canada and the United Kingdom have agreed to stop spending taxpayer dollars on bottled water, which is often consumed during city meetings, said Deborah Lapidus, organizer of Corporate Accountability International’s “Think Outside the Bottle” campaign in the U.S.

Even rural Australia has jumped on the bandwagon.  In fact, they created their own wagon, because they just might be the first community in Australia to actually ban the sales of bottled water in town.

(Things are looking up down-under.)

So, what would it take for you to stop buying bottled water, use a filter for tap water, and put the purified water in a non-plastic container?

Is money a good enough argument? The average U.S. citizen spends $400/yr on bottled water.

How ’bout the environment? 1,500 water bottles wind up in the garbage EVERY SECOND.  In 2004, 126,000,000,000 liters of bottled water were consumed, using 17,000,000 barrels of oil to make the plastic bottles and emitting 2,500,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the process.

Surely your health? Chemicals contained in the plastic bottles, like BPA (Bisphenol-A)  can leach out and lead to cancer, particularly when heated, like when kept in a car.

(For more hair-raising info and pictures: )

Now, befitting the Holiday Season, I’m going to don my Ebenezer Scrooge-like hat and pillory something really, really cute, as in roller skating babies.  Yes, you might have already seen this Evian water bottle commercial featuring special effects created roller skating, diaper-clad babies delighting in their plastic water bottles.

I’m not without mirth.  I can smile at this, but the cuteness quotient so evident in the video doesn’t override the indignation I feel about the classic attempts by marketers to manipulate emotions.

I can just hear the pitch:

“Feel good about babies?  Like them? Good! Hey, didja know that they like plastic water bottles? Sure do! So go buy our plastic water bottles even though they’re toxic, waste energy, overflow land fills, and are inferior in every way to the cheaper solution of filtering tap water and placing it in a healthy, non-plastic container!”

What the video should make you think is:

“If I want to help make this a better world for my children, I will not buy plastic water bottles!”

Babies, yes.  Plastic bottled water, no.

So, go ga ga for the babies in the video below, and then go buy yourself a water filter and some healthy bottles to hold your truly purified water in.  There are hundreds of choices.

P.S.  Don’t skip the filter part… even once upon a time pure tap water in New York City is having its water quality issues.  Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost in Suffering is an article that tells the tale.

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