Sugar Lover! Which Type Are You?

How Artificial Sweeteners Ruin Your Life and Make You Fat!

SUGAR IS a villain, particularly sugar substitutes.  The medical types that study the effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners on your health clearly know how this substance can mess with you.

The popular and insightful practitioner of “functional medicine”, Dr. Mark Hyman reports in his blog post, Artificial Sweeteners Could Be Sabotaging Your Diet:

“An exciting study in the Journal of Behavioral Neuroscience has shown conclusively that using artificial sweeteners not only does not prevent weight gain, but induces a whole set of physiological and hormonal responses that actually make you gain weight.” (Read his insightful post.)

Along with Dr. Hyman, Dr. Teitelbaum has produced some really fine work in revealing the ravages of various sugars. In this post, I present what Jacob Teitelbaum, MD describes as the four types of sugar addicts, courtesy of Lynn Tryba’s summary of his book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now!.

If you feel chronically tired and need regular hits of sugar and caffeine — or get irritable if you don’t — or you know someone like this… read on, cause there’s a sugar lover lurking.  And make sure you check out the link at the bottom to learn about the best kind of sweeteners for you.

Type 1 Sugar Lover Addict — “Energy Loan Shark”

Do you often feel tired and achy?
Do you need coffee to get going in the morning?
Does your energy flag by mid-afternoon?
Do you get frequent headaches?

Dr. Teitelbaum’s Wellness Rx:
1. Get seven to nine hours of sleep a night.
2. Take 15 to 25 mg of zinc per day.
3. Eliminate “energy drinks” loaded with sugar and caffeine.
4. Get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise four to seven times a week (preferably outside).

Type 2 Sugar Lover Addict“Feed Me Now or I’ll Kill You”

Do you find you are often thirsty and need to urinate frequently?
Do you get recurrent sore throats and swollen glands?
Do you sometimes get dizzy when you stand up?
Is life a crisis for you?

Dr. Teitelbaum’s Wellness Rx:
1. Supplement with vitamins C and B5, the mineral chromium, and an herbal licorice extract to decrease the symptoms of low blood sugar.
2. Eat a high-protein, low-sugar, low-carb diet.
3. Eat small meals frequently during the day.
4. Do a reality check. When you start to feel anxious, ask yourself, “Am I in imminent danger?” If you aren’t, realizing this will turn off the fight or flight reaction and allow your adrenals to relax.

Type 3 Sugar Lover Addict “Happy Ho-Ho Hunter”

Do you have chronic nasal congestion or sinusitis?
Do you have spastic color or irritable bowel syndrome?
Have you been treated for acne with an antibiotic for one month or longer?
Do you have postnasal drip or clear your throat a lot?
These sugar cravings may be caused by yeast/candida overgrowth.

Dr. Teitelbaum’s Wellness Rx:
1. Make high-protein foods such as meat, eggs, and seafood the foundation of your diet.
2. Eat no more than two servings of whole-grain bread a day.
3. Eliminate sweets except for dark chocolate in moderation.
4. Take anti-yeast herbs, which include oregano powder, uva-ursi, garlic powder, grapefruit seed, olive leaf, and milk thistle, among others.

Type 4 Sugar Lover Addict“Depressed and Craving Carbs”

Do you have a history of PMS?
Are you a woman older than 38 with decreased libido and irregular periods?
Are you a woman older than 47, in menopause, and experiencing depression, fatigue, insomnia, and loss of libido?
If you are male, are you older than 45, and do you have a spare tire around your waist?
Your sugar cravings may be caused by fluctuating hormones.

Dr. Teitelbaum’s Wellness Rx:
1. Choose whole grains, high-protein foods, and foods that score low on the glycemic index.
2. Exercise for 30 to 60 minutes a day, outside if possible.
3. For depression caused by low estrogen: Take the herbs magnolia and St. John’s wort and supplement with the amino acid 5-http.
4. Take fish oil, which can elevate your mood.


Some sweet options

Despite the good doctor’s warnings, life does not have to be bereft of sweetness; rather, you just need to be judicious about what you chose to titillate your taste buds.  I’ve written a post called Are You Getting Fat and Sick from Sugar which examines various forms of sugar and their effects on metabolism.

The upshot is that, stevia (a natural herb), and xylitol (derived from fruit and vegetable fibers) are considered your best sweetener options, with one proviso – some stevia distillations contain unwanted chemicals, so the whole leaf is a better option.  Check out my post for more information, and do be careful about the unhealthy sugars that lurk in so many processed foods and sodas!


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