Men’s Health Supplements for Prostate and Testosterone

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HERE’S A few supplements that may help a guy maintain a healthy prostate and boost his testosterone.

A Note on Hormones

Hormones are delicate things, and I advise that you never mess with them without the consultation of a doctor who has this specialty on his/her sheepskin.

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Never take supplements that have testosterone in them without medical guidance and routine testing!

There are supplements that are designed to naturally cause your own body to produce more testosterone, but even these should be first accepted by your doctor.


A Note on the Prostate

Obviously a man’s health issue, prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in men.  The major supplement taken for prostate health, particularly in Europe, is Saw Palmetto.

If you’re a man, it makes all the sense in the world, particularly as you get older, to pay attention to your prostate — get it checked regularly by a doctor and get all the nutrition you can that supports prostate health.

Here’s a list of supplements that can be helpful to “Men’s Health” (click the link and scroll down the “Product Categories”), and a lot of other stuff too, from which I take:

Prostate Care (42 medium tablets)
Prostate Care
This contains Saw Palmetto, a natural inflammation inhibitor, and Pygeum which contains various phytochemicals popular in Germany, France and Italy for their support of prostate functions.

7 Keto DHEA (25mg, 30 medium capsules)
7 Keto DHEA
is the most prevalent hormone in the human body. It is said to promote improved immune system function and anti-aging effects, as well as enhanced energy and weight control. Importantly, 7 Keto DHEA is a form of DHEA that does not convert into testosterone or estrogen in the body. Anything that might convert into testosterone or estrogen needs to be vetted by your doctor before ingesting!  I cycle in and out of this; meaning, two months on, two weeks off.

Neptune Krill Oil, NKO (500mg, 60 softgels)
Neptune Krill Oil, NKO
This form of omega-3 is absorbed faster and more efficiently than that typically found in fish oil. Neptune Krill Oil supports heart health and cell membrane integrity.

Pregnenolone (50mg, 60 medium tablets)Pregnenolone This is often described as the “grandmother of all steroid hormones” because it is the basis from which all steroid hormones are manufactured in our bodies. As a “hormone balancer,” it has the capacity to increase the levels of steroid hormones that are deficient in our bodies and to reduce the levels of excess circulating hormones. Some scientists believe Pregnenolone is converted into other hormones only as they are needed by our bodies.  But that’s not good enough for me — make sure your get your doctor’s approval before using Pregnenolone.


More About Pregenolone

Pregnenolone is distinctive because of the innumerable bodily activities it can influence. As a steroid hormone precursor, it is believed to be involved in every biochemical action exhibited by any steroid hormone. This means it may impact memory, mental alertness, stress responses, female reproductive cycles, the body’s natural defenses, and joint and tissue function. With such a wide spectrum of involvement, the potential uses of Pregnenolone could be boundless.

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Supplement Disclaimer

Just as with the descriptive statements made at the various company sites that manufacture and/or sell the supplement products presented in this blog, none, or nearly none, of the potential benefits stated here have been evaluated by the FDA. Likewise, none, or nearly none, of the products here can be represented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before engaging a supplement program, it always makes sense to get the advice of your health practitioner.


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