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Sit A Lot? Six (Powerful) Reasons NOT To

The data doesn’t lie. Sitting for hours each day does the body harm. Sitting can reduce your lifespan, nullify the benefits of exercise, increase cancer risk, and more bad news stuff. Read why you have to get up and move.

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The 10 Dirty, Poopy Foods You’re (Certainly) Eating

This is a summary of a Men’s Health article about ten common foods we eat that are often contaminated with scary sounding bacteria and pesticides that can make us sick. The list: Chicken, ground beef/turkey, oysters, eggs, cantaloupe, peaches, lettuce, cold cuts and scallions.  Learn what to do. IF YOU cruise around the Net and […]

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Men’s Health Supplements for Prostate and Testosterone

Watch Hilarious Prostrate Exam Video below HERE’S A few supplements that may help a guy maintain a healthy prostate and boost his testosterone. A Note on Hormones Hormones are delicate things, and I advise that you never mess with them without the consultation of a doctor who has this specialty on his/her sheepskin. You can […]

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