The “Pleasure Camp” Way to Flatten Your Belly

Jena la Flamme of Pleasure Camp

GIVEN THAT you’re reading this, a post on a health blog, it’s likely that you’re interested in health matters, and get health information from the Web.  I do too, of course.  I spend many hours each week exploring what’s new in the health world and how people producing information, guidance, product and the like communicate with their visitors.

Last night I listened to a webcast about dealing with weight issues.  It was presented by angelic-looking, sweet talking Jena la Flamme.  (Yes, that’s her name.)  The topic: “5 Unexpected Ways To Flatten Your Belly“.

The Pleasure Camp program is intended for women only.  And as I listened to the presentation, I immediately realized how artful the approach was in appealing to women, for it was all about creating a nurturing, safe environment.

The stories were personal and easy to relate to for women.  As a man, I found almost nothing presented that I would need to hear before joining the “Pleasure Camp” (yes, a name appealing, I guess, to women).  A “camp” that women, presumably overweight, can attend for nearly $1,000.

My intent here is not to jam a wedge between the respective decision-making matrix of men and women, but to show that men and women may respond to very different pitches before parting with their money when it comes to something that has emotional overtones.

Like fat.

Assuming that Jena la Flamme successfully fills her Pleasure Camp by the various messages, appeals and pitches I’ve watched, heard and read – and I think she does – her marketing approach to women tells an insightful tale.

Women and men respond to very different appeals.

I know, this conclusion is not particularly insightful, but I’ve never really experienced such a dramatically different approach then what Jena la Flamme uses to get women to part with their money.

During her webinar last night, she did not do what I would think any person would want to hear before deciding to sign-up for such a weight loss camp:

-No statistics were offered related to the success rates of former attendees.

-No details of the weight loss process were outlined.

-No details of the agenda were offered.

Like me, most men would want these details, and before last night’s experience, along with various marketing emails from la Flamme,  I would have thought that an approach largely devoid of such details could NOT sell women either.  Perhaps that’s true for some women, but I now believe that la Flamme’s approach works for enough women to make her businesses thrive.

Here’s my summary of what she told her audience last night:

1.  You need to alleviate stress… can’t accomplish (build) something good under stress.  Find out what stresses you and change the situation and/or reaction. Tune into this before every meal.

2.  Get your mind and body in harmony.  The mind is the rider, the body the horse.  The rider can rule the horse but why do this by overpowering the steed, who will then be unruly and rebellious? Rather, the rider should be one with the horse, moving in harmony.

3.  The excess weight on your body has a message and you must find out what it is.  Like a note in a bottle, the message must be extracted and read.  Yes, bad eating, not moving contributes, but there’s a deeper reason a woman is willing to let the weight pile on.  There’s a message there and it needs to be decoded… think of it as an exciting journey.  Oftentimes this is the issue that a personal coach most has to focus on.  A good question for yourself: What might you lose that you value if you were to lose the weight?  Keep going deeper with this question.  Thin equals sexy and being sexy might be threatening, unsafe.  Does getting attention mean danger?

4.  Create healthy pleasure “ecology” where good choices happen.  Fill your fridge and pantry with superfoods.  Green veggies will provide nutrition and energy.  Chia seeds… soak them overnight and add milk, nuts and fruit for your breakfast. Chia is nutritious and has lots of fiber.  Brown rice is good and easy to make with a rice cooker.  Make sure you have healthy staples in the house so you select them for snacks rather than the unhealthy ones.

That’s the message delivered, along with some authentic-feeling testimonials.  This is the stuff, we were told, that will be delved deeper into at the Pleasure Camp.  To my mind, this info is spot on… but is it enough to compel someone to sign-on for $1,000?

Apparently so…

The next day, today, the attendees of last night’s presentation got two follow-up emails.  The information they contained included very positive feedback emailed to Jena from some listeners, and a list of people, such as artist, doctor, “emerging” actor, etc., that are attending.

Here’s what one person wrote:

“May I tell you, that was spectacular!  Your voice was like music…so
natural, conveyed real “knowing” & warmth…beautiful job! And as
always…jam packed with insights that truly inspire!”

And to those who missed the presentation, la Flamme writes:

“Learn how to make slimming down more pleasurable than you’ve
ever known it to be–come on, don’t knock pleasure as a weight loss
approach until you try it, Jo–I’ll show you how.

Go here to access your teleseminar replay for the steps (sorry, no longer available).”

My final thoughts

I learned something from Jena la Flamme.  Not about weight loss but about what women respond to.  Or some women.  For these women, the key is not to overload them with data and techniques, but to speak to the emotion behind their weight.  To share things about which they can identify. To present others like them who have succeeded.  To underscore the nurturing approach.  In effect, to invite them to join a loving family of sisters.

My final word on this topic is to underscore that I am not making a judgment about the effectiveness of la Flamme’s program.  It might be fantastic.  You women who are curious can click the link above and enter her world.  Let us know in the Comments section below what you think.


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