Chocolate-dripped Sex and Age-related Exercise

Here comes the “Sunday Summary” of interesting health-based information I bumped into that I’d like to reference for your reading pleasure.  This Sunday’s line up: sexy stuff and age-relative exercise.

Up first are those articles that deal with the erotica a bit, cause it’s nearly Valentine’s Day after all, followed by a lesson in burning 300 calories in 15 minutes, weight loss after 40, and exercise after 50.

Chocolate Kisses

We’ve all had them, those dew-drop looking, tinfoil-clad, low-quality confectionary.  But this is a different spin.  Researchers grabbed several couples and measured their brain waves while they were kissing and then again while letting a piece of chocolate melt in their mouths.  They found that kissing is more stimulating. Go grab the conclusions here.

[More about the benefits of chocolate? Check out, Make Love with Bittersweet Chocolate.]

The 6 Benefits of Sex

So now that the foreplay is underway, let’s go straight to the next bit of revelation about the six benefits of sex.   Here they be:  1. Longer life; 2. Be slimmer; 3. Less sniffles; 4. Less stress; 5. Look younger; and 6. A healthy heart.  More info on this right here.

OK, so now that I have you thinking about the steamy side of life, perhaps you need an energy boost to get you in the right mood, or to lose a few pounds to feel better about getting naked.  Toward that end, I offer three quick summaries with links to the full monty.  They are: 15 minutes for 300 calories, and weight loss and exercise at 40 and 50.

Burn 300 Calories in 15 Minutes

For those who don’t know this, burning 300 calories is no small feat – it either takes a modest effort of sustained period of time (like walking), or a supercharged effort done quickly, which is Lucy Danziger’s approach in Burn 300 Calories in 15 Minutes.  Her method is to perform compound exercises (meaning those where two or more muscle groups are working together) with a kettlebell as resistance.  I use kettlebells from time to time, and can attest that using them consistency with proper form produces unusually good results.  Check it out here.

Weight Loss After 40

Now, for those of you who peaked at Ms. Danziger’s routine (linked to from above), and decided, “I’m 40+ years old – that’s just too much!”, well consider Melanie Haiken’s viewpoint expressed in her article, Weight Loss After 40: Why It’s So Hard — and What Works. She writes about the physical changes that beset the body in its fourth decade and what one can do about it.  Part attitude adjustment, part awareness, part action… the combination is something to consider and then implement.  Learn about her prescription here.

Exercise After 50

And for those of who snort, “Geez, if only I was as young as 40-something”, well, I haven’t left you out in the cold.  Exercise Routines After 50: Modifying Your Workout As You Age starts out by describing the need for flexibility, not just in your body but your attitude.  Your attitude needs to affirm that you can change your body and get healthy. The methods include gaining balance, flexibility (we’re talking in the body now), and cardio capacity.  To this list I would add resistance training so that your muscles get strong.  Learn about this right here, and see if you can get yourself to give up the excuses, if that’s what’s keeping you on the couch.

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