Aubrey de Grey: “We Can Stop Aging” — Watch

Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging.  OK… well… who is Aubrey de Grey, and why does he think that humans can avoid aging?

Aubrey de Grey

FAMOUS BRITISH researcher on aging, Aubrey de Grey, claims he has drawn a road map to defeat biological aging.  He provocatively proposes that the first human beings who will live to 1,000 years old have already been born.

His plan (watch below) calls for identifying all the components that cause human tissue to age, and designing remedies for each of them — forestalling disease and eventually pushing back death. He calls the approach Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS).

As MIT puts it:

“Aubrey de Grey is a man of ideas, and he has set himself toward the goal of transforming the basis of what it means to be human.”  MIT Technology Review

Over the years, I’ve been bumping into Aubrey de Grey all over the Internet, particularly at  The man is obviously brilliant and has compelling research to affirm his claims, which in part, boil down to the following explanation.

Aging begins before birth and happens as a side effect of metabolism, Aubrey claims.  Metabolism causes damage, but the damage is relatively minor for much of our lives until it accumulates sufficiently to manifest as some pathology (the scientific study of the nature of disease and its causes, processes, development, and consequences).  So, it goes like this:

Metabolism –> Damage –> Pathology

During the last 20 years of research, scientists have not found any other examples of, or reasons for aging other than these:

–          Cell loss/atrophy

–          Death-resistant cells

–          Nuclear mutations and epimutations

–          mtDNA mutations

–          Protein crosslinks

–          Junk inside cells

–          Junk outside cells

And thus these (above) are the very finite areas that must be controlled or extinguished in order for leap in longevity to occur.

What does all this mean to you?

Right now, not much… but if you want even a slim chance of living an extended lifespan, you must last long enough for age-reducing remedies to be developed for humans. (They’re already being tested on mice and other animals.)  That means, cleanse yourself, eat right, exercise and clean out the garbage in your head.

Watch a very bright and entertaining Aubrey de Grey hold court:

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