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Pump Up Your Metabolism: Eat Protein, Not Wheat

Everyone’s concerned about belly fat and metabolism. We know that a higher metabolism would result in less belly fat. Here’s how to pump up your metabolism and trim the belly fat: Eat protein; not wheat.

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The Diabesity Epidemic – It May Be Coming to You

Have you heard of “diabesity”? Well, your doctor hasn’t either, and yet you have a 50% chance of having it. Here’s what it is, 7 warning signs, and a discussion of how nuts can help.

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Why It’s Critical that You Muscle Up as You Age

The “Biggest Lose”r Nutritionist, Cheryl Forberg takes you through the reasons why building and maintaining muscle at any age is critical to living a long and vital life. There’s three ways that muscle relate to aging well, and three factors that make us lose muscle as we age.

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Aubrey de Grey: “We Can Stop Aging” — Watch

Aubrey de Grey says that the first human beings who will live to 1,000 years old have already been born. His plan calls for identifying all the components that cause human tissue to age, and designing remedies for each of them — forestalling disease and eventually pushing back death. Watch.

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10 Unusual (Need to Know) Weight Loss Tips – WATCH!

Here are ten important weight loss tips: 1. Don’t skip meals.
2. Use smaller plates. 3. Count your calories. 4. Your metabolism is not the problem.
5. Protein staves off hunger. 6. Soup keeps you fuller for longer. 7. The wider your choice, the more you eat. 8. Low-fat diary helps excrete more fat (must be calorie neutral). 9. Exercise burns fat long after you stop, even while you sleep.
10. Keep moving to lose weight.

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