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“Why Controlling Glucose Is More Important Than Your Diet”, says Dr. Attia

controlling glucose

Controlling glucose is more important than your diet, says Dr. Peter Attia, an anti-aging expert and biohacker, because it’s a key to longevity. Listen and read why blood sugar control — as well as sleep, meditation, protein intake and lifting heavy stuff –is important for a long healthspan.

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Pump Up Your Metabolism: Eat Protein, Not Wheat

Everyone’s concerned about belly fat and metabolism. We know that a higher metabolism would result in less belly fat. Here’s how to pump up your metabolism and trim the belly fat: Eat protein; not wheat.

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10 Unusual (Need to Know) Weight Loss Tips – WATCH!

Here are ten important weight loss tips: 1. Don’t skip meals.
2. Use smaller plates. 3. Count your calories. 4. Your metabolism is not the problem.
5. Protein staves off hunger. 6. Soup keeps you fuller for longer. 7. The wider your choice, the more you eat. 8. Low-fat diary helps excrete more fat (must be calorie neutral). 9. Exercise burns fat long after you stop, even while you sleep.
10. Keep moving to lose weight.

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Lose Weight Without Dieting

Simply changing when and how often you eat can have a startling affect on reducing your weight and improving your health. As Dr. Hyman talks about in this video. researchers have found that those who eat small amounts of food more often increase their calorie burn (thermogenesis). Eat less more often and eat lean protein are two keys.

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