Sunday Summary: Weight Loss Truths, Weight Loss Steps and A Guide to Healthy Shopping

A banana is a healthy snack choice

HEY, I think it’s high time that I get back to the habit that never became a habit (yet) of presenting for your Sunday reading pleasure, summaries of posts interesting enough to mention, but not enough to fuss over.

This Sunday’s topics are: Weight Loss Truths, Weight Loss Steps and A Guide to Healthy Shopping.  I’ll do a fast run down of each and add my customary two cents.

Let’s begin with the folks at who recently presented to the blogosphere, Five Truths for Weight Loss .

Five Truths A banana is a healthy snack choicefor Weight Loss

  1. Make room for a savory treat because we don’t willingly suffer deprivation for very long.  And besides, good behavior deserves to be rewarded.  The key is to make the reward proportional to the goal; meaning, don’t overdo it.  Try a bit of 60%+ coca bittersweet chocolate.  It can even be sexy:  Make Love with Bittersweet Chocolate.

2. Get the protein/carb/fat proportions right at each regular meal. Protein is more filling than carbs or fat. Make the protein lean (fish, chicken, turkey), the carbs complex (brown rice and pasta, vegetables) and fats mainly omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (cold pressed olive oil, fish oil, avocado oil).  Check out:  Diet 101.

3. Fat’s OK.  Just choose the right fat. Minimize the saturated kind in favor of consuming Omega-3 and Monosatuated Fatty Acids in the range of 20 to 25% of your daily caloric intake.  A little confused?  Well, go all the way and read, Eating Fat is Good… Maybe…Could Be… Sometimes.

4. Soup makes you fuller and helps reduce weight. People tend to consume fewer calories on days when they eate soup.  This is because the liquid in the soup makes your stomach feel fuller.

5. Avoid sugar like the plague. It messes with your insulin levels, blood sugar, contributes to diabetes and cardiovascular disease, so do yourself a favor and read food labels.  Forget about the sugar!  If you want a decent substitute, learn about Xylitol and Stevia in this article entitled, Are You Getting Fat and Sick from Sugar? And if you’re a person who struggles with the sugar habit, learn more about what your issue might be by reading, Sugar Lover, Which Type are You?

For more about these “five truths” (with lots of nice pictures), go read their post here.

Lose Weight with Six Small Changes

Small steps to weight loss

Illustration by Tracy Walker

Next up in our Sunday Summary comes from and their article Six Small Changes Can Keep Off Pounds.  I want to share this one with you because most people gain weight slowly, sometimes almost imperceptibly, until the day comes when you wonder what the heck happened.

If this has yet to happen to, or you’d like to reverse the weight that has gradually been put on but are not in a hurry to lose it, then consider making these six, small changes:

  1. Stop drinking calories. In 1970 Americans drank 70 calories a day.  In 2000 it was 190 calories. Today it’s undoubtedly more.  Soda and fruit juice are the culprits; replace them with green tea and water.  (Search for “green tea” on this site to be served up articles touting its benefits.
  2. Eat more protein.  Make it lean and eat it regularly in small amounts (because you can only absorb so much at one sitting). Protein feeds your muscles and is more filling than fat and carbs.
  3. Eat more fiber.  It’s filling, slows digestion, aides elimination and pay help protect you from various chronic diseases.
  4. Forget about the salt/sugar/fat foods. These are designed by food manufacturers to keep you eating them.  Can’t eat just a few Doritos?  Then don’t start.
  5. Add 2,000 steps each day. Spread it out over the day, or do it all at once, but just do it to burn off calories, about 100.
  6. Cut your screen time. Simple enough:  sitting = no calories burned; standing = more than sitting; walking = more than standing, etc.

Next up – how to become a healthy shopper

Healthy shopping, read labelsThe third and last of our Sunday Summary comes from Dietician and wellness manager, Kristin Kirkpatrick who recognizes that you won’t eat healthily at home if you don’t first buy the right stuff to take home.  In her 7 Ways to Be a Healthier Shopper, Ms. Kirkpatrick dissects food labels with the intent to show us how not to be fooled by them.

For instance, not all calories are equal: 100 gummy bear calories aren’t equivalent to 100 strawberry calories in terms of health, energy delivered, ease of digestion, etc.

Go to her article and read the specifics about…

  1. Quality trumps quantity
  2. Nonsensical packaging claims are
  3. Ignore the front of the package marketing-speak
  4. Ferret out the sometimes hidden trans fat info
  5. “Organic” and “Natural” doesn’t always mean healthy
  6. Recognize which foods contain whole grains and which are pretenders
  7. Take control from the food manufacturer by creating your own healthy food combinations

So, that’s it for this week’s Sunday Summary. Before I leave you, I’m reminded by ConsumerReportsHealth of one admonition — Forget the weight-loss pills!  Nothing out there yet is both safe and effective.

Ciao for now…

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