Lose Weight Without Dieting

Simply changing when and how often you eat can have a startling affect on your weight and health.

green teaWEIGHT CONTROL is all about calories in, calories out, right?

Not completely.

Take a listen to one of my favorite doctors, Mark Hyman, in the video below, to learn about the thermogenic  effect.

Researchers have found that those who eat small amounts of food more often increase their calorie burn (thermogenesis).

The worst thing you can do is to skip breakfast, have a lunch on the run and then sit down to a hefty dinner.  In this instance, during the long periods of the day when not eating, the body reduces its metabolism, and you burn less calories.

Moreover, this type of eating increases cholesterol and the production of insulin which can make you fatter.

Protein, Carbs and Fat

Low fat diets don’t work.  Low carb diets can work if they’re quality carbs, meaning complex and nutritious carbs such as vegetables and whole grains.  High protein diets can work because ingesting protein can burn more calories.

Seventy-one more calories were burned each day by studies participants who ate 36% of their daily calories from protein.  That’s 7.4 pounds of weight loss over a year.

–> A protein warning: people with kidney problems have to be cautious about increasing protein, and people with osteoporosis  need to eat proteins with less acid than animal protein, such as beans, nuts and seeds. In addition, a prolonged high protein diet is not healthy, particularly if high in saturated fats — meaning meat.

Green Tea

It’s the most consumed beverage in the world. (Sorry, Coke)  And it’s great for you.  Green tea increases the thermogenic effect and makes people leaner, and decreases oxidative stress on metabolism.  Find a high-quality, organic green tea and drink several cups of it each day.

So, now that the highlights have been presented, here’s the good doctor:


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