On a Budget? Good, Healthy Food is Often Cheaper (Watch)

beans and rice

DR. ANN Kulze underscores that one of the most powerful health investments you can make is to buy and eat healthy food. Much of the time, it’s cheaper than the processed manufactured food that is so well packaged and preserved.

And if you include the health benefits of “real” food, which include NOT getting sick, the value of healthy eating is a slam dunk over the alternatives that the mega supermarkets and restaurants offer.

One little known fact is that there’s a direct correlation between restaurant eating and being overweight. Alternatively, the correlation also holds between preparing your own food and not being overweight.

Here are some of Dr. Kulze’s tips for healthy eating:

  1. Beans and brown rice. Some healthiest food is also the cheapest.  Beans contain many nutrients, fiber and protein.  (The long-lived Blue Zone people thrive on them.) A serving can cost as little as 12 cents.  Whole grains like brown rice are a good complex carb, and – get this — $2 can serve 16 people.
  2. Learn to value nutrients rather than calories.  We don’t  need more calories.  We do need more nutrition.
  3. Buy in volume/bulk. Individually wrapped stuff cost much more than buying in bulk, and the wrapping contributes to environmental degradation given the energy required to create it, and the landfill that must absorb it.
  4. Buy what’s local and in season because such food is cheaper, fresher, healthier, and better for environment.  A lot of carbon dioxide is spewed into the air by trucks or planes hauling food a thousand miles to your local grocery store.

In this video, Dr. Kulze gives tips for how to eat healthy while on a budget:

If you have any tips for eating well on a budget, please share them with us in the Comments section below.

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