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10 Unusual (Need to Know) Weight Loss Tips – WATCH!

Here are ten important weight loss tips: 1. Don’t skip meals.
2. Use smaller plates. 3. Count your calories. 4. Your metabolism is not the problem.
5. Protein staves off hunger. 6. Soup keeps you fuller for longer. 7. The wider your choice, the more you eat. 8. Low-fat diary helps excrete more fat (must be calorie neutral). 9. Exercise burns fat long after you stop, even while you sleep.
10. Keep moving to lose weight.

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Dr. Weil and Kevin Rose Talk Health (Video)

Kevin Rose interviews Dr. Weil. The bottom line on Soda, Energy Drinks, Diary, Soy, Vitamins (esp. Vitamin D), Omega-3, Cell Phone Radiation, Eye Health, Antioxidants, Atkins, Trans Fat, Depression, Exercise, Juice Cleanses and Tea… whew!

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