How to Survive the Scary Future: A Rich List of Resources

Today’s earthquake was just a little jolt. But what about tomorrow? Let’s get better prepared by delving into the rich and insightful video and written resources brought to you by

IN THE early morning today, before light, I was contemplating a dream, my consciousness just below the surface of wakefulness when a sharp jolt hit my house.

I live in the “Bay Area” of northern California, just over the Golden Gate Bridge, and I’ve experienced this before.

Yes, an earthquake.  A little one: 4.0.

I lied there quiet, still, all senses attuned for what might next happen.  I thought about what I’d do if another, larger, earthquake hit in the next few moments.

Where was it safe to go within the house? (Answer: In a doorway or under a strong table.)

If I had to flee, what would I take with me? (Answer: At least some warm clothing, sturdy shoes, food bars, water, reflective blanket, money, cell phone, first aide kit, headlight/flashlight…)

Among my friends, I’m considered the one who most contemplates the possibilities of a challenging future for humankind.  I’ve read a lot about what may happen and why.  What little I’ve done to prepare, unfortunately, far exceeds what most people have done.

And yet, there I was at 5:33 AM this morning lying in bed without a game plan should this benign jolt be followed by a house crusher.

Dr. Chris Martenson and former Yahoo VP, Adam Taggart, run a one-stop-shopping site for all things related to surviving what their fine minds anticipate could be one big worldwide hiccup.

Regular readings of this blog note that from time to time I take trips into the “what ifs” of future possibilities.  Typically, these detours are instigated by something eventful, like the March 2012 earthquake and tsunami in Japan that to this day is wrecking havoc with two coastal nuclear power plants.

Or like this past week’s successive mid west tornadoes that devastated entire towns.

Or like today’s Bay Area earthquake.

At such poignant moments, I write something like, Be Self-reliant – Be Prepared for Calamity , which presents some resources to help bring you to self-reliance.  Going far deeper is the information found at Dr. Martenson’s web site.

Here are three bundles of insight to get you started in learning about and preparing for an uncertain, potentially troubling future:

1.  An assembly of resources that answer the question: What Should I Do?. This guide delves into information about water, storing food, food growing and preservation, health and first aid, heat, power and communications, protecting wealth and community.

2.  The video-based Crash Course, distilled down to twenty-some video segments.

3. The shorter Crash Course, a 45-minute video version.

In the preamble to the Crash Course, Dr. Martenson says this:

“My goal is to shed light on the limits of our present economic model of infinite growth as we increasingly face the realities of a planet with finite resources. I seek to lay out possible paths for our future and to provide people with tools and information so that they will be better able to make informed choices.”

In his above statement, Dr. Martenson pretty much constrains himself to economics as it relates to the earth’s resources, but as I enumerated above, he covers a lot more than that.  He gets into many conceivable, possible “what if” scenarios that might lie ahead, and how to be prepared for them.

Irrespective of how you feel about the prospect of a foreboding future, my guess is that you’ll learn something from this very systematic, research-based thinker, so take a look at Dr. Martenson’s material.

Then, if that amps you up, you can check out how readers are preparing.  Below is a boatload of examples.  Scan the list and surely your eye will grab something of interest with which to get started.

This will keep you busy!  Remember, the first step is to become aware, then to get informed, then to choose how much you’re willing to do, and, finally, to act!

Are you doing anything to make yourself more resilient to possible future calamities?

If so, please tell us about it in the Comments section below.

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