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Restful, Rejuvenating Sleep

Nothing Good Happens Without It Supplements Reviewed here: ZMA, Melatonin, FibroSleep, VesPro GHS and Calm Magnesium.   IT’S A common complaint.  We don’t get enough sleep.  Stress, or too much food, TV or activity late at night are common causes.  (Not to mention a lack of exercise for many of us.) From fatigue, to the […]

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Muscles Forever

Supplements reviewed here: ImmunePlex Whey Protein, ZMA, Amino Acid Complex, MSM, and Creatine Monohydrate. More Important The Older You Get Though the Picture is Impressive, Even a Little Bit of Muscle Helps ALTHOUGH I still look like I exercise (because I do), I don’t focus on building muscle just for the sake of being admired.  […]

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Not Even A Trace of Minerals?

Farming and Preparing Food without Minerals is Hazardous IT’S BEEN well publicized that most people do not naturally get the ideal amount of minerals from their diet, particularly trace minerals,.  This is partly due to the fact that top soil, so important to growing nutritious food, has diminished remarkably since the onset of factory farming, […]

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