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How Sugary Is Your Blood?

Keep The Glucose Spikes Outta Your Blood I GUESS it could be said (cause I’m about to say it) that a good diet is one that accounts for blood sugar (aka “glucose”) control. Controlling blood sugar via your diet necessitates understanding how the carbohydrates you eat effect your blood sugar. Enter the Glycemic Index (“GI”).

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Some Help for Weight Management

  Supplement For An Extra Nudge THERE WAS a time when a certain amount of corpulence was favored by society.  If you were fat it meant that you had enough wealth to eat whilst the peasants were near starving, and accordingly, quite skinny. Oh, if only such antediluvian norms could return.  Just think of how […]

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Not Even A Trace of Minerals?

Farming and Preparing Food without Minerals is Hazardous IT’S BEEN well publicized that most people do not naturally get the ideal amount of minerals from their diet, particularly trace minerals,.  This is partly due to the fact that top soil, so important to growing nutritious food, has diminished remarkably since the onset of factory farming, […]

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