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THERE WAS a time when a certain amount of corpulence was favored by society.  If you were fat it meant that you had enough wealth to eat whilst the peasants were near starving, and accordingly, quite skinny.

Oh, if only such antediluvian norms could return.  Just think of how many people would discover a new beauty in the mirror.

Even so, such a shift in societal perception about favorable body dimensions would do nothing to change the biology of the matter.  Biology says that too much fat is too much bad for your health.

As if you didn’t know, here’s a list of eye-opening statistics about how too much fat threatens life.

The bottom line: If you’re overweight, take one step to improve the situation.  Then take another.  Let it snowball.

Nothing passive — short of locking yourself in a room with no food — will help you lose weight.  It takes action.  A plan.  (“Plan the work and work the plan.”)

[Check out A Blueprint for Eating Right]

If your plan includes a diverse, low glycemic diet and enough activities to break a sweat for at least 20 minutes a day, then also adding supplements could help you reach your goal.

Chromium GTF (200mcg, 120 small tablets)

Chromium GTF (200mcg, 120 small tablets) This is an essential mineral that promotes proper insulin levels.

Macro Greens™ Bars - Chocolate Cinnamon Flavor (1Box, 12 Bars)

Macro Greens Bars – Chocolate Cinnamon Flavor (1Box, 12 Bars)
Planning healthy snacks is of paramount importance when trying to eat healthy and losing weight.  Face it — even those with Herculean will power will eventually succumb to some sumptuous “food” made of the undeniable salt/sugar/fat trio (especially if goes “crunch” too), so prepare for those moments.  Carry around something simple, portable, great tasting and healthy like a food bar.

Organic Food Bar The beauty of the “right” food bar is to have a convenient, ready-to-eat substitute for a meal when you don’t have the time or means to prepare a nutritious meal.  Organic makes Food Bars that are tasty, organic, alkaline-forming and very nutritious.  They contain no preservatives, additives, coatings, soy, peanuts or dairy.

When I want some extra help to shed a few pounds, I often use these as well:

Healthy Curb™ (90 Tablets)

Healthy Curb Dr. Steven Rosenblatt, former director of medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, developed this lipid-replacement therapy and a starch blocker.  It’s made entirely from food and seems to work.

wellbexWellBetX Glucose Balance is a revolutionary fiber complex that binds to the water in the digestive tract to form a gelatinous, viscous mass which slows glucose absorption and creates a sense of satiety (fullness) while reducing the absorption of calories. This PGX Blend, short for PolyGlycopleX, exerts 3 to 5 times the effects of other fibers. The  key component of PGX is glucomannan, a soluble fiber from the root of konjac. It is 3 times more viscous than guar and 7 times more viscous than psyllium. But when combined with PGX, this formulation has a viscosity 3 to 5 times greater than glucomannan alone. PGX:  lowers postprandial blood glucose by 20%;  lowers insulin secretion by 40%; and improves whole body insulin sensitivity by nearly 50%. PGX capsules also contain an extract of mulberry leaves, shown to block certain enzymes that break down starches and sugars in the body, thereby diminishing after-meal rises in glucose and insulin.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 800mg (800mg, 180 oblong softgels)

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Is a free fatty acid derived from safflower oil related to the omega-6 fatty acids.  It’s also a fatty acid with weight management and immune enhancing benefits.  Since I get plenty of omega-6 from cooking with cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, I only take CLA when I’d like to cut some fat off my body in combination with augmenting my exercise regime.

ZMA™ (800mg, 90 medium capsules)

ZMA (800mg, 90 medium capsules) Is a synergistic combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 that promotes restful and restorative sleep, and enhances muscle strength and endurance.

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For an eye-opening look at how Americans got so heavy, check out this old, but more pertinent than ever, Peter Jennings special.

Supplement Disclaimer

Just as with the descriptive statements made at the various company sites that manufacture and/or sell the supplement products presented in this blog, none, or nearly none, of the potential benefits stated here have been evaluated by the FDA. Likewise none, or nearly none, of the products here can be represented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before engaging a supplement program, it always makes sense to get the advice of your health practitioner.

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