Tim Ferriss Underwhelms Barbara Walters With His “Four Hour Body”

Watch Barbara Walters bark at Tim Ferriss as he attempts to summarize his book, The Four Hour Body.

The The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman is a compilation of various body hacks, short cuts and insights about how to have a better experience living in your body. (Whatever that means.)

In the video below, Tim covers:

– The perfect place on the clitoris to stimulate an orgasm (for the woman, fellas.)

– What to replace high glycemic (insulin cranking) breakfast carbs, particularly if you wish to lose body fat and become more fertile.

– How to get (and track) better sleep.

– How getting cold can reverse injuries and increase the rate of fat loss.

– How to reverse some chronic pain from sitting, which you might not realize could come from sitting.

– How to stave off the onset of age-related degeneration.

Watch the video. Certainly, you’ll learn a thing or two from Tim, and observe how some people (Barbara) react to the unknown.

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Naturally, since the video is but a mere summary of his book, if any of this piques your curiosity, read the book.

I did, and although I’ve been a life-long learner of all-things-health, I nevertheless picked up several tips, some of which — like ingesting 30 grams of protein during the first 1/2 hour outta bed — I’m experimenting with. Will report results on these pages.

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