Ray Kurzweil’s 100+ Pills per Day Age Defying Fight

Here’s a quick video interview with futurist, author, inventor and overall brainiac, Ray Kurzweil about what he does to (hopefully) live a much longer life. Watch the videos.

IF YOU don’t know about Ray Kurzweil, you should.  That is, if you’d like to live longer.

I wrote about Mr. Kuzweil’s “three bridge” theory in a post called, Ray Kurzweil’s March to Extend Life, where he argues that there’s sufficient anti-aging technology available today to enable Baby Boomers to live long enough to benefit from forthcoming technological advances that will keep them alive and kicking indefinitely.

A few Kurzweil tidbits from the video…

The basic premise in the life extension game is that aging is a combination of many processes, some of which we can slow down.

For instance, take Phosphatidylcholine.  This is a major part of our cell membranes. As children, we child had a lot of Phosphatidylcholine in each of our ten or so trillion cells, but as we age it deletes and makes the skin lose suppleness and our organs work less efficiently.  So, if you want to combat this, as does Ray Kurzweil, you can take can supplements containing Phosphatidylcholine.

Another age-related, degenerative health condition is atherosclerosis, a condition where plaque clogs the arteries.  Everybody is experiencing this to some extend or another as we age.  Unfortunately, it leads to stroke and feebleness.  This can be stopped or even reversed if handled aggressively with diet, supplements and exercise.

Do you take statins, a cholesterol drug?  If so, you should also be taking Coenzyme Q10 (see below).  Statin drugs deplete the body of this very important coenzyme, which is the reason for many of the side effects of statins.

UPDATE 2/5/15: A fairly new supplement, PQQ (which stands for Pyrroloquinoline quinone), is gaining popularity as a replacement for CoQ10 (perhaps unless you’re on statins). PQQ is active within cellular mitochondria, the energy center of the cell. This has major implications for brain health, nervous system health, and potentially other systems, structures and functions throughout the body. This nutrient displays antioxidant activity, neuroprotective action, and cognitive benefits. Amazon.com offers many choices of PQQ.

OK, now on to the Kurzweil videos:


Kurzweil’s Top Three Supplements


Ray Kurweil’s Immortality Cocktail


A PBS Newshour video interview of Kurzweil can be found here.

You can find more details about Ray Kurzweil’s age-defying feats at rayandterry.com.

He’s also written four books pertinent to this topic: CLICK HERE.

Coenzyme Q10 According to researchers Emile G. Blinzakov, M.D. and Gerald L. Hunt, CoQ10 can “boost the immune system,   increase the strength of the heart without exercise, relieve angina, protect against heart attacks, lower high blood pressure, reduce weight naturally, heal periodontal problems, extend life, and slow down the aging process.”  (More here.)


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