10 Tips and 3 Strategies To Avoid Getting Fat This Holiday Season

Overeating is inevitable during the Holidays, which typically results in unwanted weight gain, but you can avoid getting fat by selecting the right foods, supplements and activities.

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THIS IS a quickie about two methods to help you avoid getting fat during Holiday-time overindulgence.

One comes from weight lifting coach par excellence, Charles Poliquin, who writes that taking Glutamine could prevent food cravings and maintain body composition over the holidays when we tend to over indulge. (More about Glutamine here.)

Poliquin also adds ten tips to avoid tipping the scales this holiday.  I’ll list them, but go to his site for the raison d’etre:

1. Set a goal

2. Choose the least worst option

3. Eat protein and nuts for breakfast

4. Drink green tea to combat the negative effects of alcohol

5. Focus on eating low-glycemic carbs

6. Sleep more

7. Take omega-3 fatty acids

8. Avoid processed foods and strive for organics

9. Train high volume before eating

10. Increase protein intake and eliminate foods craved

For a more exotic approach (the second method) to dealing with excess calories, we turn to the innovative self-hacker, Tim Ferriss.  I wrote about this in a post called, This Holiday, Overeat And Gain No Weight., where I said:

“Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Body, tells us how to binge without gaining weight.  The secret is in the supplements, starting the day right, and a wee little bit of well-placed exercise. The end result: this Holiday, overeat and gain no weight!

Tim’s method is based on three principals:

  1. Minimize the release of insulin
  2. Get the food out quickly
  3. Perform brief, multi-muscle contractions throughout the binge

The details are eagerly awaiting you right here.

So, in conclusion, dear readers, choose a method, or hunt and pick a few suggestions among them that you’re willing to do.  The aim is to be smart about the calories you pack in, if possible, and at the same time reduce their ability to add fat on your body.

Happy Holidays!


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