Yoga for (red) Wine Lovers

You’ll grin ear-to-ear while watching this short video animation of a very advanced yoga master doing “his” red wine drinking asanas.  Indeed, it’s yoga for (red) wine lovers.

THERE ARE many wine lovers out there, some of whom prefer red wine.  And there are plenty of yoga practitioners, some of whom may prefer red wine too.

Let’s get together!  Have fun watching this video…

… Oh, but first do realize that one glass of red wine in the evening may actually be healthy, but much more than that and the damage the alcohol does overwhelms any health benefits… and…

…Know too that resveratrol supplementation exponentially supersedes the benefits of red wine as they relate to antioxidant function and longevity enhancement which you can read in this post:

Watch: Aging.. Let’s Slow it Down (with Barbara Walters)

And now that I got that off my chest, do thoroughly enjoy the red wine yoga master video, courtesy of

Last Updated on December 5, 2014 by Joe Garma

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