How to Live to 100. Watch.

Telomeres are bits of genetic material at the end of your chromosomes that are a marker for longevity. If short, it indicates a short life; if long, a long life.  But telomere length not fixed.  Your behavior matters.

THERE ARE about 70,000 centenarians living in the U.S. today.  Will you become one of them some day?  Could be, as scientists claim that the first person to live to 150 has already been born!

The science of longevity is focusing on telomeres which serve as a biomarker, a predictor of how long a person is likely to live.  Currently, the test is not particularly accurate, but if you’re anxious about it, or need a kick in the pants to start adopting behaviors that can lengthen telomeres and your lifespan, you can get a test for about $290.  (Watch the video below.)

Not surprisingly, exercise and diet can lengthen your lifespan and the quality of life along the way.  More on that in these two posts:

How Exercise Slows the Aging Process

Three Months to a Longer Life

Watch this video to learn how telomeres predict lifespan and how they can be lengthened.

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