Drats! It’s No Longer a Secret — Your “Manhood” Is Determined by Finger Length

South Korean researchers recently determined that the relative size of two fingers of a male determines the size of his unit.  No more posturing, fellas; or guessing, ladies – the fingers tell the tale.  Watch a sex expert discuss how women value the length of the male protuberance, and its average length in the video below.

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WHAT CAN I say – I’m chuckling at the notion that every guy who reads this will immediately begin measuring his finger length, and note the same about his buddies.  And now armed with this insight, women might check out digit length as a filter for determining interest in getting horizontal.

No more surprises.

What I’m talking about is penis length.  If researchers in South Korea are right, this can be predicted by the relative length of two fingers on one hand.


The shorter a man’s index finger is compared to his index ring finger, the longer is his joy stick.

I’ll now pause for the men to check out their fingers.

OK… let’s continue…

Quoting from this new study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology:

“According to our data … the shorter [the] index (second) finger than ring (fourth) finger you have, the longer stretched penile length you have.”

The good news is that, within normative means, one’s size does not influence sexual prowess, says sexual health expert Dr. Catherine Hood in the video below, about which her female interviewer seems to agree.

Praise the Lord.

So, what it gets down to is what I wrote here: Penis Size Matters, But Mainly To You, Dick… Jane Doesn’t Care.

Do tell us, Ladies…


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