July 8

Get Thin with these 5 Foods

Rather than food marketed as low-calorie snack food, try these five foods that will help get you thin.  They help get and keep you full, either with protein or fiber, or both.

I’D LIKE to turn you on to an article by Livestrong.com about five foods that can help get you thin.

The basic idea is rather than trying to dole at portions of one diet, low calorie food or another, eat these five foods to your heart’s content.

Well, maybe not quite, as one of these five foods – almonds – is high in fat so should be eaten in moderation.  And the eggs are high in cholesterol, so know how you fare on that count before wolfing down five eggs per day.  (Read 12 Myths about Cholesterol.)

But with those two provisos, these five foods are great to snack on, or incorporate into your meals.

Add these five thin foods to your diet:

  1. Apples.  Healthy, nutritious and full of fiber which helps you feel full and enhances elimination.
  2. Almonds.  Crunchy and satisfying, almonds contain protein and fiber, but if you try to replace a meal with almonds, you’ll invariably wind up eating too much fat.  Stick with ten or less for a mid-meal snack.
  3. Salmon.  It boosts satiety levels, offers protein and really healthy omega 3 fatty-acids.
  4. Eggs.  Research indicates that eating eggs in the morning helps you lose weight as compared to high glycemic carb foods like bagels.  Eggs have the satiety-causing protein helping you feel fuller all day long.
  5. Tomatoes.  Along with most non-starch veggies, tomatoes can be eaten with abandon, contain fiber and do a body good.

For more information about all of this, check out the original article.

Bon appetite.

Last Updated on June 15, 2019 by Joe Garma


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