Watch How You Digest Top Ramen… It Ain’t Pretty!

Still eat Top Ramen, gummi bears, Gatorade and other artificial, chemically laced processed foods?  Well, this video of how such foods go through your body may dissuade such consumption in the future.

WHO DIDN’T eat Top Ramen during our college years!  Simple, fast, tasty and cheap — four attractive attributes in a meal in those days.  Unfortunately, for too many of us, “those days” are recurring now, economically speaking.

Given the prevailing unemployment rate and squeezed budgets, “foods” like Top Ramen are on many home menus again.

And that does our bodies no good.  Stefani Bardin’s video below proves the point.

Ms. Bardin graphically demonstrates how eating certain foods affect our bodies.  We now clearly know that “food” adulterated with chemicals for seasoning, preservation and processing is not what our bodies are designed to eat and be nourished by.

Using a tiny M2A (“Mouth to Anus”… no kidding) LED camera capsule that is swallowed before a subject eats food, scientists like Ms. Bardin can observe, study and video for our viewing pleasure how the digestive system handles it.  Or doesn’t.

So, the next time you reach for some type of food that is made to sit on a shelf for months or years, remember what you’re about to see:



If your budget is tight, or you rather save your money for something other than food, consider the inexpensive but healthy food ideas presented by Dr. Ann Kulze in On a Budget? Good, Healthy Food is Often Cheaper. There’s a short video there where she shows what she knows.

Last Updated on March 13, 2018 by Joe Garma

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