Garma On Health: Redesign + New Focus = The Age-proof Method

With the new design of comes a new focus: Age Better.  For most of us, there’s lots of room for improvement, which I explore in the Age-proof Method. Take a look.

GarmaOnHealth Age Free

OVER THE last five years of this site’s existence it looked rather unappealing IMHO.  Three days ago, Phase 1 of the looooong awaited relaunch finally happened.

New readers — what you’re looking at is a very different look and “feel”.  And, I hope, much more useable and useful to you.

Here’s what GarmaOnHealth used to look like:

Former GarmaOnHealth Look

(Ahh, the good old days.)

With this new site, the aim is to give you:

Right now there are 411 articles (more than 3,000 pages) here at GarmaOnHealth.  The topics have varied widely.  As we go forward, the subject matter will get more focused.  That’s why I’m working on the “The Method”.  It will be the fulcrum for most of the content on this site.

The Method will be a crash course that distills the lessons I’ve gained from over 30 years of reading, training and experimenting with the fundamental pillars that support living a life that’s…

  • Long
  • Youthful
  • ​Vital
  • Strong

The intent is to do specific things that will go a long way to making you age better.  Aging better means living youthfully longer. Most people start to…

  • Lose human growth hormone in their late 20s
  • Lose hormone balance in their 40s
  • Lose muscle mass in their 50s
  • Develop chronic, but avoidable, diseases in their 60s

All of this can be minimized if you work on the underlying “4 Pillars” of the The Age-proof Method:

Pillar #1, “Mindset” — You must develop the right attitude and habit formation to consistently apply yourself to the rest of the “Pillars”, so this one is first and is the key to unlock the other three.

Pillar #2, “Reset” — To some degree, everyone you know (including yourself) has:

– 300 or more chemicals (heavy metals and pesticides) in your body, as well as parasites
– Hormone imbalance, particularly with testosterone/estradiol, thyroid and insulin

Reset basically means getting your body ready to build up.  If you’re filled with toxins and your hormones are imbalanced, everything else you do to physically improve yourself will be much more difficult, like swimming against the tide.

Pillar #3, “Fuel” — With the proper Mindset established, and your body Reset, it’s time to fuel up.

Fuel refers to the ideal diet and supplementation.  Along with the protocols in Reset, Fuel seeks to overwhelm many of the multidimensional theories of aging, which include:

  1. Oxidative Damage
  2. Cell DNA Damage
  3. Mitochondrial Damage
  4. Tissue Glycation
  5. Lipofuscin Accumulation
  6. Chronic Inflammation
  7. Immune System Compromise
  8. Neurological Degeneration
  9. Declines in Hormone Levels
  10. Susceptibility to Cancers
  11. Susceptibility to Cardiovascular Disease
  12. Telomere Shortening and Damage
  13. Programmed Epigenomic Changes
  14. Stem Cell Supply Chain Breakdown    
  15. Incorrect protein folding
  16. Accumulation of Progerin
  17. Gene mutations leading to hellicase abnormalities
  18. Increasing mTOR signaling
  19. Declining hypoxic response
  20. Micronutrient triage with aging  (Source)

Pillar #4, “Move” — Is the end point, the “proof of the pudding”; in effect, why you’re doing the other three Pillars.

Yes, of course it’s great to look good, but looking good without being able to get off the couch — or touch your toes, or stride up that hill, or (for some, like me) hoist a heavy weight overhead — is useless.

Move means mobility and functional fitness.

The “mobility” part refers to having full articulation of your joints and flexibility in your soft tissue (ligaments and muscle).

The “functional fitness” part refers to being able to efficiently and effectively move your body through space/time; so, being capable of moving fast in short bursts, moving slowly in long bouts, and lifting your body weight (pulling/pushing).

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  This the direction we’re taking here at GarmaOnHealth.  If you like the road we’re on, hitch a ride:

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Ciao for now.
– Joe


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