Why Holosync Technology Will Quickly Give You These 10 Benefits of Meditation and More! (Listen)

With Holosync Technology, no longer do you have to sit and squirm for years to develop the benefits of deep meditation. All the benefits of meditation can be yours, starting from the very first session.

Holosync DemoFREQUENT READERS of this blog know that I make the presumptuous claim that a long, youthful and strong life is made possible by constructing a life cradled upon “4 Pillars”, which are:

Pillar #1 Mindset – Developing the beliefs and emotions (aka, “attitudes”) that enable achievement of the next three “Pillars”…

Pillar #2 Reset – Doing a program of physical detoxification of heavy metals, chemicals and parasites, along with hormone optimization.

Pillar #3 Fuel – Consuming the nutrition and supplements that nourish your body and help thwart some of the biochemical factors behind the deterioration that is aging, such as damage and disruption to mitochondria, DNA, proteins, immune system, and other systems. (Check out the list of 20 factors behind aging here.)

Pillar #4 Move – Incorporating daily physical activity into your life that each week would embrace mobility, aerobic, anaerobic and resistance exercises.

To learn more about the “4 Pillars”, get on the List for The Ageproof Method.

Today, I’m going to discuss meditation, one of the primary tools for developing the right Mindset to make the life you wish to live.

Together with habit acquisition and brainwork, meditation is a force multiplier for living a happy, stress free and productive life.

Why Meditation?

I’ll tell you that in a minute, but first a quick story.


My Introduction to Meditation

Of course you’ve heard of meditation, and maybe even have tried it yourself.  Perhaps you’ve even practiced it over periods of time.

But are you meditating now? Holosync Mediation man illustration

One fine afternoon during my senior year in high school, my friend Bruce invited me to his home. He was excited about something he wanted to share with me.

Turns out, he had been to a meeting where someone taught the audience Transcendental Meditation (“TM”).

Bruce sat me on the floor with my back to the couch and taught me what to do. It must have been beginners luck, because first time out of the gate, I went deep.

As Bruce guided me through the TM process, I remember my senses becoming more acute. I heard far off sounds, like tires on the road.  At one point I thought I could hear an insect scrambling about.

And the smells!  I hadn’t noticed the fragrant odor of flowers before, and the mustiness of the couch was now also revealed.

Then there weren’t any thoughts at all, although I didn’t know that until the session was nearly done.

I heard a voice.  It startled me though it seemed far away.

It was like I was at the bottom of a pool of water, and then perceived a sound.  I slowly began to move to the surface, and as I did, the sound got louder.

I broke the surface and then clearly heard Bruce’s voice saying something like, “Come on back”.

That’s when I knew I was meditating.

The realization that I was in the meditative state was not when I was entering it, despite the heightened senses, but when I was coming out of it.

I had been in bliss.

Certainly, I would want this again, yes?  Of course! And now I would sit down and use TM to find that bliss every day.

I did not.

There was basketball to play, SATs to take, colleges to apply to, girls to drool over… and life as I knew it continued on, overwhelming that poignant memory of bliss.

Of course, at the age of 17, I didn’t know the value of meditation.

Seven years later, at the cusp of beginning a demanding career, I did, and I wanted to experience the benefits every day.

I dived deep into meditation via the Silva Method.  I was hooked!

I applied myself to mediation, first using the techniques taught at the Silva Method, and then several others, one of which — Holosync Technology — I’ll describe toward the end of this article so you can get a chance to try it yourself.

If I had to sum up the answer to “why meditate?”, I’d say something like,

“Mediation makes you happier, healthier and enjoyable to be around.”

How does it do that?

There are literally hundreds of reasons, but I’ll present ten.


10 Beneficial Effects of Meditation

1. Meditation calms our parsympathetic nervous system.

It’s the parasympathetic nervous system that primes us for that oft-heard Instead “fight or flight” response.  This is a good thing to have, as long as it’s activated in short bursts – we either fight or take flight and ten minutes later everything’s back to normal.

The problem happens when this system is consistently engaged – the very definition of constant stress. (Read Why Stress is the Biggest Super Ager of Them All.)

Mediation calms our parasympathetic nervous system by activating what Harvard researcher Dr. Herbert Benson terms The Relaxation Response, the result being that you become calmer and more relaxed, and become able to bring this mind state into whichever previously stressful situation you desire.

Thinking becomes clearer. We make better decisions. We become more intuitive.

2. Meditation increases our focus and creativity.

As we practice, we’re able to enter what scientists call a “flow state”, a state of being where you’re totally absorbed in the moment, in whatever you’re doing right now, with complete focus.

An often describes state of being that many people who create great works of art, or invention or sport say they were “in the flow”/

3. Meditation increases our immune function.

A study at the Ohio State University found that a month of relaxation exercises boosted natural killer cells in the elderly, giving them a greater resistance to tumors and to viruses.  One condition representative of aging is compromised immunity, so it’s not inconsequential that meditation improved immune function for this vulnerable group.

In another study testing immune function, flu shots were given to volunteers who had meditated for eight weeks and to people who didn’t meditate. Blood tests taken later showed the meditation group had higher levels of antibodies produced against the flu virus, according to the study in Psychosomatic Medicine.

4. Meditation reduces heart disease risks.

WebMD reports that meditation may improve the ability of the blood vessels to relax and cut the risk of heart disease.

Researchers found that four months of meditation much improved the ability of the blood vessel lining, known as the endothelium, to expand and contract in a group of adolescents with high blood pressure.

5. Meditation can increase fertility.

A study at the University of Western Australia found that women are more likely to conceive during periods when they are relaxed and not stressed.

A study at Trakya University, in Turkey, also found that stress reduces sperm count and motility, suggesting relaxation may also boost male fertility. (Source)

6. Meditation can reduce systemic inflammation.

Stress leads to inflammation, which in turn is linked to heart disease, arthritis, and various skin conditions such as psoriasis.

According to researchers at Emory University in the US, relaxation can play a role in preventing and treating such symptoms by switching off the stress response.

In Canada at McGill University Similarly, a study recorded similar clinical improvements of the symptoms of psoriasis through the practice of meditation.  (Source)

7. Meditation improves self-acceptance and thereby self-confidence.

It starts with awareness of our thoughts.

When meditating, thoughts arise and stare at us point-blank. As they linger there, we can’t but help be more aware of them, and thereby be in a place to influence and/or control our thoughts.

Such a process is helpful to build a different perspective on our internal dialogue, a greater understanding of ourselves, without judgment.

And with that emerges self-confidence and then self-esteem.

When destructive, negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves arise during meditation, we practice simply noticing them in the moment. Over time, this leaves us better able to handle negative internal dialogue outside of the meditative state, which is where we need to be able to experience the benefits of meditation – in the “real” world.

8. Meditation enables much more control over our emotions.

Have you ever thought of which first happens, a thought or an emotion?

This is something I’ve contemplated many times, and my inclination is that thought precedes emotion.

Yes, an emotional eruption can seem to happen without any thought or consideration happening first, like some subconscious reflex.  But I wonder if that happens because at some point in our lives, we associated emotional-provoking thoughts with whatever event or action provokes the emotional feeling.

Just as meditation enables us to be more aware of the thoughts that together build our views of ourselves, our lives, etc., so does it give us the opportunity to check the emotional content of our lives.

Over time, a meditation practice lets us experience less reactivity, less anger, less sadness, and less anxiety.

Get ready to smile more.

9. Meditation can relieve pain.

A MIT study showed that meditation might be effective for pain relief.

In the study, subjects trained themselves to focus on physical sensations from certain parts of their bodies, leading researchers to believe that people who suffer from chronic conditions could be able to train themselves to “turn down the volume” on pain.

10. Meditation enables better learning and memory.

Monks who practiced Buddhist meditation had evidence of much greater brain activity, called gamma wave activity, in areas associated with learning and happiness compared with those who didn’t practice meditation.

Gamma waves involve mental processes including attention, memory, learning, and conscious perception. The monks also showed higher activity in areas associated with positive emotions, like happiness.  (Source)

Have you ever seen brain wave frequency scans of meditation-practicing monks?

Here’s the pic I took from my article, How You Can Control Your Brainwave Frequencies, The Keys to Happiness:


The picture isn’t very sharp, but notice the Theta brain waves and corresponding physiological/mind state described as characteristic for this brainwave frequency.

It lists these for Theta:

  • Deep Meditation
  • Between Awake and Asleep
  • Flow of Ideas, Creativity
  • Shamanic States
  • Bridge to Subconscious

I purposely ended the list of 10 with the monks, because although the monks who can get to Theta during meditation have diligently practiced meditation for years…

You don’t have to!


Holosync®, The Meditator’s Technology


holosync technology

I’m telling you flat-out that you can get to Theta and experience what these monks and other long-time meditators do without putting in the effort that they did.

Remember when I told you that I first really learned about meditation and began practicing it from the Silva Method?  What they used to get students to quickly get into deep meditation was brain synchronization binaural tones.

You put stereo headphones on your head, get into a relaxed sitting position and listen.  Ten minutes later, you’re in the mediation zone, typically Alpha for beginners, and Theta for more advanced practitioners.

Depending on the type, sequence and other magic stuff produced into the binaural tones –as well as your ability to focus and calm your mind – you can experience the Alpha or Theta brainwave state more quickly than ever before.

I was so intrigued by this technology that I formed a company, The American Wellness Association, with two friends to produce and sell a book and tape cassette compilation to go with it.

We called it, Prescription for Life, and sold it on those late night TV commercials.

It bombed!

That was a long time ago, and the technology has only gotten better since, and now, of course, is no longer limited to the cassette tape format.

Which brings me to Holosync Technology.

Holosync® is a brain synchronization technology that can get you to Theta faster than anything I have yet to experience.

If you’ve ever wondered if meditation is for you, get a small taste of this type of technology by listening to – with stereo headphones – the sounds I found and posted to my SoundCloud account.

Now, let me stress two things:

  1. The SoundCloud audio clip below is not as powerful as Holosync, but it will give a small taste of it.
  2. You must use stereo headphones to get the effect.

OK, now listen up:

If you like that, go learn about Holosync Technology!

They have a demo of the real audio brain entrainment sounds, so at their site, you’ll get the real deal. But you’ll be required to give your name and email address to get access to the demo, which is why I put the SoundCloud audio file above… so those of you resistant to relinquishing your info can get a sense for Holosync.

Those of you who do go to the site will quickly encounter several video teachings by Holosync founder, Bill Harris, a zen monk who developed this deep meditative technology.

Be sure to visit the FAQ page. It’s filled with great information, such as this description of Holosync Technology:

Holosync® is a advanced form of neuro-audio technology allowing the listener to easily enter various desirable states, and creating many desirable mental, emotional, and spiritual changes, through entrainment of electrical patterns in the brain.

This creates a synchronization, or balance, between brain hemispheres, enhancing mental/emotional health and mental functioning. In the process, new neural connections are created between the right and left brain hemispheres, leading to what is known as “whole brain functioning.”

In addition to states such as accelerated learning ability and enhanced creativity, Holosync® can help a listener easily enter and benefit from states of deep meditation, until now accessible only to long-time meditators practicing many hours a day for many years.

Holosync® audio tones are delivered to the nervous system using a low carrier frequency stimulus, masked by pleasant music and environmental sounds, which drives the nervous system to progressively higher levels of functioning. Through precise sound patterning based on over twenty years of research, Holosync® creates a “push” in the brain which causes the brain to reorganize at higher levels of awareness and functioning, in much the same way a runner gives his or her body a physical stimulus to cause it to reorganize at higher levels of physical ability.

Typically, listeners show impressive improvements in emotional health, a whole range of mental abilities, self-awareness, ability to meditate deeply, personal motivation, sense of spiritual connection, and a number of other areas.

Holosync® is based on research done at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, the Menninger Clinic, and a number of other research facilities, and is now used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 172 countries.

More here.

I think you’ll find Holosync Technology to be a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating experience, and I hope it will turn you on to building a meditation practice for yourself.

Ciao for now.


P.S. Those Holosync® links above are affiliate links.

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