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Urinary and Kidney Health… Don’t Get Stoned!

You pay a painful price for a poor diet should it impact your kidneys by causing kidney stones. (Watch videos below) LIKE WITH the liver, the key to kidney health — beyond a good diet (extremely important) and exercise — are supplements that cleanse, restore and maintain.  Toxins need to be flushed out.  Heavy metals […]

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The Liver: It Needs Cleaning (Watch Video)

It Performs 500 Functions and You Need Them All THE LIVER is our largest organ.  Not only is a healthy liver so vital for a healthy life, like the heart, we only have one.  And also like the heart, millions of us living in industrialized countries aren’t treating our livers very well. One of the […]

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Emotional Wellbeing (Chemistry Helps!)

Supplements reviewed here: ProSAMe and Krill Oil. “Harmony” NO ONE can argue about the importance of emotional well being, but how is it measured and how can something outside your own Self get it for you? I would say that you measure it by how you feel over time. And I would have said that […]

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