Top 10 Health Posts of 2011

As the second full year of my blogging on Garma on Health comes to a close, I look back over all my posts during 2011 and select my ten favorite for your reading pleasure.

These are not necessarily examples of the best-written posts, nor are they listed in order of importance; rather, this selection presents information and insights that I deem valuable for you to know.

I hope among the ten, there’s at least one gem that’s useful to you.

Garma on Health's Top 10 for 2011

I ADDED a bonus selection at the bottom… couldn’t help myself.

No one’s going to read all these, but do me a favor and pick your favorite and say so in the Comments section below.  Your selection will help me focus on health topics more to your interest.  Thanks!

Here’s Garma on Health’s Top 10 11 for 2011:

1. Aubrey de Grey: “We Can Stop Aging” — Watch

Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging.  OK… well… who is Aubrey de Grey, and why does he think that humans can avoid aging?  You’ll be surprised about what you learn.


2. Eat Fiber, Live Longer, Healthier too! Watch

Dr. Hyman, a recent government study, and health practitioners everywhere extol the virtues of fiber.  Learn how it benefits you and how to eat more of it.


3. Be here now: “Gerry’s” Dharma Lesson

A Dharma lesson from a Zen Center poignantly shows how even in the midst of a lesson on being present, our mind wrestles with the past and present.  A technique to “Be Here Now”.

4. Run, Jog or “Slog” Pain Free

If you run and want to keep at it, eventually you need to know your foot type.  Do you pronate, supinate, or do something in between?  If your running shoe isn’t built for your foot type, running will become more difficult and you’ll potentially develop pain in the feet, ankles, knees and hips.  Perhaps even in the calves, which is my issue these days.

5. Be Self-reliant – Be Prepared for Calamity

When I began this blog over 1.5 years ago, I wasn’t really sure just what I’d be writing about, but I know I did not contemplate providing a repository for earthquake news and disaster preparedness.  By popular demand, here are some resources to help bring you to self-reliance.

6. Weighing the Evidence on Exercise and Diet to Lose Weight

The aim: To dismantle the confusion about exercise and diet as they relate to weight loss.  I present several studies that may seem contradictory and try to find the nuggets of truth.


7. Four Ways to Build a Better Brain

Who would have thought that the most assured way to build a better brain is to build a better body?  Well, not precisely – but the science shows that some simple, consistent exercise does more to improve the brain than crossword puzzles and blueberries.

8. Five Diet and Exercise Myths that Need to Die

Here they are: 1) Long Cardio Workouts are the Key to Weight Loss; 2) Diet and Exercise are Equal When it Comes to Losing Weight; 3) It Doesn’t Matter What Time of Day You Exercise; 4) Diet Foods Will Help You Lose Weight; 5) You’re Destined to Gain Weight as You Get Older.  These are myths that need to die!

9. Steve Jobs’ Real Legacy – Teaching Us to Live Passionately

Steve Jobs created fantastic products, but his most important legacy is how he lived his life.  He found what he loved to do and did it passionately.  Here, I dive into his “Think Different” philosophy, “12 Steve Jobs Lessons for Us All”, and his “Stanford Commencement Speech” to share the golden nuggets of his life, so that you can live yours better. (Watch)

10. Will Your Belly Fat Cause Cancer?

Since in America 2/3rds of us are overweight, knowing about the ultimate risk of belly fat is both urgent and important. The facts recently uncovered are shocking!  Learn about the damage that excess fat can do, and how to minimize the risks.

11. Dr. Weil’s Four Alternatives to Antidepressant Drugs

(Yes, I can count, but I just had to add Dr. Weil into the mix.  The good doctor is among the best and must be heard!)

The science is in – for mild to moderate depression, pharmaceutical antidepressants are no more effective than placebos.  But the science also says that there are four steps you can take that are effective to reduce depression.  Reducing or eliminating mild/moderate depression is all about anti-inflammatory foods, supplements, exercise and a shift in cognition (perception).

See ya in 2012… Please don’t forget to tell me which were your favorites in the Comments section below.

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