Expert Tips: Gain No Weight This Holiday Season

Here’s some expert advise about how to prepare yourself to gain no weight this Holiday Season, despite all the calories that will be tempting you. Forewarned is forearmed.

Eat but gain no weightWOULDN’T YOU like to get through the Holiday Season — especially Thanksgiving — without gaining one single pound of fat?

I’m about to show you how to do that, how gain no weight during the Holidays despite all the temptations you’re going to face.  In fact, you might actually lose body fat over the next couple of months whilst just about everyone you know puts on pounds of giggly during this Holiday Season.

I’ve written several articles about how to keep from overindulging in a caloric orgy. At least one of them will be perfect for you. So what I’m going to do is present a summary of each article and what you’re going to do is say:

Oh, that’s the one I want to read!

Then, with trembling excitement over the mysteries about to be revealed, you’ll click on the link provided and, presto, the keys to your svelte kingdom will be presented.

Here are the five articles:

  1. 8 Expert Thanksgiving Health Tips
  2. A Simple Recipe To Stop Holiday Binge Eating
  3. 3 Strategies to Fix Your Holiday Binge (and Prevent the Inevitable Weight Gain)
  4. 10 Tips and 3 Strategies To Avoid Getting Fat This Holiday Season
  5. Cleanse the Bloat Away – 5 Recommendations

What follows are short summaries of each of the five, so you can get a gist of them before selecting the one(s) you’d like to dive deeper into. Those of you who gotta know it all, and thus wind up reading all five articles, will note some common themes; just consider this repetition as reinforcement about how to gain no weight.


(1) 8 Tips from 6 Experts

Thanksgiving 2010

Consider this article a warm up.  The eight tips I review come from doctors and health experts David Katz, Michael Roizen, Janet Taylor, Erin Marcus, Patricia Fitzgerald and Dean Ornish.  Those are some heavy people, metaphorically speaking, but their advice is light, straightforward and easy to do.

For instance:

  • Drink water before eating to satiate yourself a bit
  • Eat slowly and with intention
  • Lose the crust on that pie
Surprising Recommendation: Calcium

Go read 8 Expert Thanksgiving Health Tips.


(2) A Recipe to Stop Binge Eating

A Simple Recipe To Stop Holiday Binge Eating

This is what I wrote to begin the article:

“Binge eating during the holidays happens to nearly all of us. In the moment we push back thoughts of gluttony and chow down with abandon. Afterwards, as the burping, acid reflect and bursting guts ensue, we’re contrite. Well, get armed and fight back those impulses with this simple recipe to stop holiday binge eating.”

The “recipe” I refer to has to do with preparing yourself by eating and drinking specific foods and drinks at one and one-half hour before the big meals.

But that’s not all.

I also tell you about a Tim Ferriss trick involving supplements and movement that help minimize the release of insulin and quicken digestion, a fine tactic to gain no weight despite all the calories that will be knocking at your door.

Surprising Recommendation: Perform brief, multiple-muscle contractions throughout the binge.

Go read: A Simple Recipe To Stop Holiday Binge Eating


(3) 3 Strategies to Fix the Binging

 3 Strategies to Fix Your Holiday Binge

The focus of this article is:

  • Minimize the release of insulin in response to the high glycemic food you eat
  • Get the food you eat out quickly (once digested)
  • Perform brief muscle contractions pre and post binge

You can diminish the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas by leveling blood sugar spikes that occur in response to eating foods with high sugar content, such as white, refined, non-complex (“simple”) carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.).

Notice in the graph below how fat and protein spike sugar in the blood more gradually than carbs:

macronutrient effect on glucose production

Decreasing transit time (from chewing to pooping) can be done by consuming 100 to 200 milligrams of caffeine (one to two cups of coffee) or 16 ounces of Yerba Mate Tea, which contains theobromine, which among other things, is a poop-producing alkaloid.

Regarding the “brief muscle contractions pre and post binge”, a picture’s worth a thousand words — work the big muscles:

bodyweight squat


Surprising Recommendation: Tim Ferriss’ PAAG, a formulation of  Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, Green tea flavanols and Garlic extract.

Go read: 3 Strategies to Fix Your Holiday Binge (and Prevent the Inevitable Weight Gain).


(4) 10 Tips and 3 Strategies to Avoid Getting Fat

Cartoon of a family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are the 10 tips:

1. Set a goal

2. Choose the least worst option

3. Eat protein and nuts for breakfast

4. Drink green tea to combat the negative effects of alcohol

5. Focus on eating low-glycemic carbs

6. Sleep more

7. Take omega-3 fatty acids

8. Avoid processed foods and strive for organics

9. Train high volume before eating

10. Increase protein intake and eliminate foods craved

Surprising Recommendation: Weight lifting coach par excellence Charles Poliquin suggests taking Glutamine could prevent food cravings and maintain body composition over the holidays.

Go read: 10 Tips and 3 Strategies To Avoid Getting Fat This Holiday Season.


(5) Cleanse the Bloat Away

Cleanse the Bloat Away

OK, say none of the above worked. Maybe you didn’t try any of it, or you did and it was worthless. It’s two hours post binge meal and you’re bloated.

What to do?

How about a little, simple colon cleanse?

There are hundreds of methods and products, but make it easy on yourself and get something like the Ultimate Cleanse or Colonaide.

Surprising Recommendation: Try a bit of bittersweet chocolate containing 70+% coca to satisfy your sweet tooth and reduce the amount of pecan pie you’d be tempted to shovel in .

Go read: Cleanse the Bloat Away – 5 Recommendations.


Your Takeaway

It’s simple.

If you rather gain no weight this Holiday Season, think through exactly what you’re going to do differently this time around.

Cruise through the information presented in the articles listed above and simply do what you’re willing to do. Even one proactive tactic will be better than nothing at all.

The challenge will be compliance.  Once your nostrils flare in delight to the smells of roast turkey, cranberry, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, all those plans get obliterated.  My suggestion:

Recruit a friend!

I often make this recommendation.  It’s a checks and balances thing. Grab a loved one or friend (ideally, someone who will attend the same big meals as you), and together choose what interventions you’ll do and then hold one another accountable.

Could be fun.

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