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Saturated Fats vs Unsaturated Fats for Longevity, Part 2

saturated fats vs unsaturated fats

The saturated fats vs unsaturated fats debate have proponents on each side, but the evidence clearly supports that unsaturated fats are superior, if consumed in moderation; especially if you focus on one particular polyunsaturated fat that might help you lose body fat and get healthier to boot.

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How You Can Reduce Your Biological Age By One Year Per Week

reduce your biological age

Excess body fat, muscular weakness and a faltering memory are potent clues that you’re older than you think. Here’s what you can do to reduce your biological age. YES, How You Can Reduce Your Biological Age By One Year Per Week is a scintillating title. Is it misleading as well? Is it really possible to […]

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How Long Will You Live? Take The Test

Statistics can be damn liars, or so we hope to believe when they cut against what we want. (After all, aren’t we all above average?) And you may feel this way after you take this longevity test, not to mention the body fat percent calculator. The good news is that as long as you’re alive (and let’s presume you are), you can make some changes that will increase your chances of living a long and strong life. Read on, and take the short test.

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