Take the Plastic Out of Water Bottles!

Purified Bottled Water Is Not Tap Water, Industry Argues.  To which I say, “Who cares”!  The biggest problem for North Americans is not the water quality, but the plastic bottles themselves, for they poison us and the environment, as I show below.

TODAY, I’M back to my bottled water rant.

The newest news about the water in water bottles is that it isn’t really tap water. This is a myth, the water bottling industry claims, and it’s fighting back against the claim that what they serve the public is simply tap water filled into plastic bottles.

To underscore that point, the water bottle industry has launched a new spokesperson in the guise of a young woman who appears on Youtube taking viewers on a tour of a water bottle plant.  See, watch pure water goes into those chemical-infested plastic water bottles.

And that, dear reader, is the crux of my rant – it isn’t the quality of the water, per se, that rubs me the wrong way about water bottles, but the bottles themselves, and their transport.

You see, selling water in bottles is wasteful, inefficient, unhealthy and environmentally degrading.

Wasteful and inefficient because, for Christ’s sake, the product – water – is ubiquitous for us lucky North Americans, so why run to the store to buy a bit of it in a bottle when there’s enough to bathe in, literally, right at your finger tips in your house.  Just get a water filter and a good reusable bottle! (See Water Bottles You Can Live With.)

Unhealthy because of the chemicals laced — my non-scientific term — into the plastic, such as Bisphenol A, or “BPA” – definitely a scientific term — which is absorbed into the water from the plastic and then into your body.  (Read and watch  Easily Avoid Cancerous Plastics and Food Containers.)  You don’t want this kinda stuff in your body.

Environmentally degrading because of how the plastic bottles are made (a petroleum/chemical byproduct), shipped to you (diesel trucks spewing toxins in the air) and disposed of (can you spell “landfill”?).

[For an eye-opening look at the impact of having our water served to us in plastic bottles, read and watch Plastic Water Has Gotta Go, for Your Sake!.]

Anyway, this “rant” (kinda mild one, I think) was stimulated by a HuffPost article entitled Purified Bottled Water Is Not Tap Water, Industry Argues, which you can go check out to learn the back story.

The bottom line:  Do yourself and the planet a really good service by purifying your tap water and bringing it with you in chemically-free bottles.  Stop buying water in plastic water bottles!

Last Updated on December 4, 2014 by Joe Garma

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