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Here Come “The Bay Lights” — Can The Bay Bridge Finally Earn Some Respect?

The Bay Area lights up tonight, March 5, 2013, and over the next two years as the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge gets dressed up in individually programmed 25,000 LED lights. Here’s the story and links to the show.

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NASA Video: Mayan Prophesy Wrong, The World Didn’t End

It’s nearly December 21, 2012 and I get that funny feeling that the world’s not gonna end.  NASA agrees. Watch their video: Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday, which they had the audacity to actually produce well before the actual (non) event. Cheeky of them. BREAKING NEWS: It’s confirmed by New Zealand… the world hasn’t […]

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Behavior and Epigenetics – The Surprising Reasons Your Kids Care About Your Genetics

If you have a sweet tooth, are overweight, have kids, want to have kids, or just simply have genes, read (and watch) this how Hank Green and I weave together a tale about sugar, obesity, behavior and epigenetics.

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Top 10 Health Posts of 2011

Garma On Health’s Top 10 for 2011: 1. Stop Aging, 2. Eat Fiber to Live Longer, 3. Be Here Now, 4. Run Pain Free, 5. Be Self Reliant, 6. The Evidence on Exercise and Diet, 7. Build a Better Brain, 8. Five Diet and Exercise Myths, 9. Steve Jobs’ Legacy, 10. Belly Fat and Cancer, 11. (Dr. Weil Bonus) Four Alternatives to Antidepressant Drugs.

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Cholesterol Drug “Lipitor” Loses its Patent – A Good Deal for You?

The cholesterol drug Lipitor lost its patent today. The generic Lipitor will be much cheaper. But does that make it a good deal to you? Some side-effects are life-threatening. Why not make a life-style change instead?

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Monsanto, GMOs and the Food Fight Challenge — Watch

Do you eat genetically modified substances? You don’t know, because unlike in Europe – where GMO foods are banned — the Monsanto-friendly FDA in America says no labeling required. Should you be concerned? Join the Food Fight!

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